March 05, 2002

DEATH‘s "Scream Bloody Gore", "Leprosy", "Spiritual Healing", "Human" and "Individual Thought Patterns" have been reissued on vinyl in Germany by Century Media.

Supernal will reissue the following titles this year: BEHEMOTH‘s "From The Pagan Vastlands", DEINONYCHUS‘ "Ark Of Thought" and MAYHEM‘s "Out From The Dark" picture disc.

BEHEMOTH‘s Nergal has revealed that the band’s upcoming sixth album will be called "Zos Kia Cultus (Here And Beyond)". Recording is scheduled for June at Hendrix Studios in Lublin, Poland with a release planned for fall through Avantgarde. Tracks to appear on the release include: ‘Conjuration Of Sleep Daemons’, ‘No Sympathy For Fools’, ‘Agape’ and ‘The Essence Of Eye’.

LIMBONIC ART‘s new album will be called "The Ultimate Death Worship". Songs to appear include: ‘Funeral Of Death’ and ‘Towards The Oblivion Of Dreams’. The band will finish recording over the next few weeks before moving on to post-production.

On his upcoming tour, MORTIIS will play on April 12th at The Clink in England. The venue was the oldest prison in England which is now a museum, but is opening its doors to stage this very special event.

HATE FOREST‘s forthcoming album, "The Most Ancient Ones", will be released on March 25th through Supernal Music. The band will release another album, "The Gates", later this year through Miriquidi Records. Also, their "Scythia" album will be released by Red Stream in digi-pak format with bonus tracks in April or May. Hate Forest have also made available 7" versions of ‘Blood And Fire’ and ‘Ritual’ in extremely limited editions through Sombre Records and Miriquidi Productions respectively. More info on the band and downloadable MP3’s are available at:

THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL will release a split 10" picture disc with MAYHEM later this year. You can download an MP3 from the band at:

DAWNFALL‘s second album (recorded seven years ago), "Drei Raume", will be out soon through Supernal Music.

According to TotalRock, VENOM frontman Cronos has been badly injured in a climbing accident. He will be out of action for several months with injuries to his neck, muscles and tendons.

DIVINE RAPTURE will soon cover ‘World Of Shit (The Promised Land)’, to be featured on a MORBID ANGEL tribute album, "Tyrants From The Abyss", alongside tracks from ZYKLON, VADER, KRISIUN and other bands. The album will be released by Sweden’s Hellspawn Records this spring. Due to Morbid Angel’s plans and Erik Rutan’s extremely packed schedule, Divine Rapture will enter the studio end of May / early June instead of in March as originally reported.

TotalNews reports that MALEVOLENT CREATION have canceled their show at London’s Garage on March 10th due to unforeseen circumstances.

MYRKSKOG will hit the studio on March 15th to record the follow up to "Death Machine". Frontman Destructhor says the album will be "faster and more brutal".

A limited edition German version of CANNIBAL CORPE‘s "Gore Obsessed" album comes in a special DVD sized digipak. It’s available through Metal Blade’s webshop at or by sending $15 US (world) / 16 Euro (Europe) in cash (this includes postage and packaging) to this address: Metal Blade Records, DVD-Size, P.O.Box 1332, 73054 Eislingen, Germany

DARKANE are set to begin recording their third album at Sweden’s Dug-Out Studio with producer Daniel Bergstrand. The drums will be recorded there and then the guitars and bass will be recorded in the Darkane studio in Helsingborg. The vocals and mixing will take place in early April at Dug-Out. The band hope to release the album in August.

EXODUS, featuring vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza, are confirmed for this year’s Wacken Open Air festival, scheduled to take place August 2nd – 3rd in Wacken, Germany.

The official DIABOLICAL website is back online, updated and with a new layout. It is still under heavy construction, but most of the stuff is already there. Go to:

SLAYER are confirmed for the Bang Your Head festival, which takes place in Balingen, Germany on June 28th and 29th.

According to TotalNews, NAPALM DEATH are to play a one-off show at London’s ULU on April 12th. The show is to be filmed for a DVD.

HATE ETERNAL have confirmed that they will enter Dimensional Sound Studio in Tampa, Florida on March 1st to record their new album, "King Of All Kings", as a three piece, led by founder member Erik Rutan, with Jared Anderson on bass and vocals and Derek Roddy on drums. Despite Rutan’s and Anderson’s commitments with MORBID ANGEL, Hate Eternal have promised full scale touring on both sides of the Atlantic once the album is released.

CATASTROPHIC will be in Europe from March 13th to April 8th with IMMORTAL, HYPOCRISY, VADER, DISBELIEF, DESTROYER 666, OBSCENITY and KATAKLYSM on the No Mercy Festival. Catastrophic will be playing songs from last years "The Cleansing" along with some new songs, which are "all fast" according to Trevor Peres. This is different from his previous material, where as he has never written music that require blast beats. Some new songs include ‘The Day The Earth Died’, ‘Infinities Children’, ‘Dismal’, ‘Apathy’s Warm Embrace’ and ‘Malice Belief’. A live version of ‘Infinities Children’, recorded at their show in Hollywood, is available at

Earache artists CADAVER INC., RABIES CASTE and HATE ETERNAL are all scheduled to perform at this year’s New Jersey Metal Meltdown festival. For more info go to:

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