March 27, 2003

AVULSED‘s vocalist Dave Rotten was diagnosed a small fracture on a rib after the successful presentation of their brand new album "Yearning For The Grotesque" in their hometown, Madrid, last March 15th. As Dave Rotten stated: "During the show, and after one of my usual and multiple stage divings I noticed a terrible pain on my chest. However, the heat over the stage and adrenaline did a good job, because I could finish the show (we played like 105 minutes!!) without real problems. Days passed and I still had that pain on my chest, but I thought that was the typical one after a beat, you know… so after a week I decided to visit the medics and they practised me an x-ray, so we saw one of the ribs was slightly broken. No big deal, it’s just that I can’t sing for at least a month. The good thing is that casually, this show was the last one after a series of 10 shows we did through Spain and we didn’t have any more booked until May, because we were supposed to do an European tour in April (with CANNIBAL CORPSE, but it didn’t happen in the end), so it’s a perfect time for me to recover." In other news, AVULSED will take part in the very biggest Rock Festival in Spain next May 3rd. The Viña Rock 2003 is expected to surpass 55.000 people, after seeing the last years’ success (45.000 maniacs). This festival, with 5 stages and all kinds of Rock music, gathers the best and more renowned Rock & Metal acts mainly from Spain, and it’s the very first time a Death Metal band plays there!!

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