June 02, 2004

The Running Order for the WACKEN OPEN AIR is online, featuring bands like DEICIDE, MAYHEM, DESTRUCTION and exclusive performances like SATYRICON feat. NOCTURNO CULTO of DARKTHRONE or the reunion show of the NWoBHM legend SATAN featuring Steve Ramsey and Graeme English (both SKYCLAD) and Brian Ross (BLITZKRIEG) or even DORO getting together with her former band WARLOCK! Check out which bands you’re gonna see 2 months in advance at our tourdates section or more detailed at: www.wacken-open-air.de

Fans of aggressive old school Heavy / Thrash Metal with killing vokillz listen up. RELLIK from the US have made new songs available through their website www.rellik.us. No pseudo-retro shit, but heartedly performed Metal you 80s freaks might really enjoy, so check it out. For all people interested in namedropping: ex – GOREAPHOBIA / ex – IMMOLATION member Craig Smilowski plays in RELLIK.

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