April 26, 2005

One of the most extreme festivals of the year, the OBSCENE EXTREME 2005 festival, will take place on July 07 – 09 in Trutnov, Czech. Republic. So far, the following bands are confirmed: BLOOD DUSTER, PUNGENT STENCH, DISFEAR, Haemorrhage, REGURGITATE, AVULSED, YACÖPSE, PURGATORY, DEAD, BOMBSTRIKE, ISCAARUM, LENG TCH’E, INFERIA, KRONOS, INGROWING, DISKONOT, CAEDERE, DEVILYN, STOMA, SCREAMIN DAEMON, MINDSNARE, MALIGNANT TUMOR, DISFIGURED CORPSE, HOLOCAUSTO CANNIBAL, DEATH REALITY and more. Tickets will be EUR 20 / 600 CZK (including a festival CD) and you’ll get an amazing campsite and festival area. For more info visit: www.obscene.cz

"Tide & Law", the re-release of the two SUN DESCENDS EPs has been delayed due to problems at the Brazilian print plant. Marquee Records stated that they are currently talking to the print plant in order to expedite the process, hoping for a quick resolve. More info at www.sundescends.com

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