June 18, 2005

British Dark Metal band ZEUS would like to confirm that Mike Mayers is not dead! This is bitter people spreading lies and assuming the identity of band members in order to try and destroy the band’s chances of success. Nobody has been shot and nobody has been strangled. ZEUS would also like to point out that it is not a racist band, this is yet again people making stuff up to cause trouble. ZEUS say to people from the past to not believe posts of insults, threats and nonsense on the net but to ignore them as they are not written by ZEUS but by people imitating them trying to tarnish the band. ZEUS will continue as planned. A new site will be online soon.

The new DEAD HEAD album "Haatland" will be released in September / October on Extremity Records (which is a division of Sweden’s GMR Music Group). The album was produced by Jacob Hansen (Invocator / Hatesphere / Mnemic) and will contain 10 songs (total playing time 43 min). The coverart and tracklist will be posted on the band’s website shortly. For further info check out www.deadhead.nl or www.gmrmusic.se.

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