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HELLVETO – Wiara, Nadzieja… Potepienie

Coming by way of Poland is HELLVETO’s fourteenth full-length album since 2002, “Wiara, Nadzieja… Potepienie”. It is comprised of 2 discs, the first being Pagan Metal, and the second, of an entirely symphonic nature. I’ll be direct, disc 2 was a tedious exercise in ‘epic’ keyboard music. 3 tracks, none under 20 minutes – this […]


Formed in 1995 this is their 13th release… wow… almost a record to be released every year. This is not my first encounter with this band. I have somewhere their “966” album, and have also heard some more releases and very few things have changed. This is, to start with, a one man band… project… […]

HELLVETO – Neoheresy

The Polish Black Metal scene has become smaller and smaller over the years. The main reason is that the few Polish acts which can advise an international status “realized” their Death Metal roots and left to conquer MORBID ANGEL territory. HELLVETO are part of this traditional scene since 1996 and honestly speaking “Neoheresy” is my […]


What is Hellveto? Hard to tell, maybe it has something to be related to “Hell” or something. Come on, this is pagan Black Metal, it has to be something occult, diabolic or something; just read the title of the album and it is almost 666 or 999. Ho many releases are there before this one? […]

HELLVETO – In The Glory Of Heroes

This is already the fourth full-length release in 2006 of the Polish atmospheric Pagan Metal band HELLVETO. It’s quite impressive for a band (furthermore formed by only one member) in only one year, or perhaps just the contrary if we think about quality. I already said in another review that I’ve never been too impressed […]

FURIA – Grudzien Za Grudniem

What a big surprise! I never heard of Polish FURIA before and to discover such a killer release is one of the great parts of this job. Poland has a quite brutal (musicwise) and very healthy underground but also gives birth to jewels like FURIA’s "Grundzien Za Grundniem" which means "December after December". Released on […]

DECEIVER – Thrashing Heavy Metal

Singapore based Pulverised Records are currently publishing one album after another but the quality level of these releases is honestly speaking more than unpredictable. The latest TRIBULATION, HELLVETO or GUILLOTINE releases have the potential to be called masterpieces in a few years but next to these albums there are also weaker releases from bands like […]

BLAKAGIR – Carpathian Art Of Sin

Don’t you think the logo looks quite familiar? Yeah, I do…I mean it is… almost like… yeah, like that HELLVETO thing logo, I mean… it is the same! I can foresee a big lawsuit and copyright infri… wait… oh… the same label… the same guy… nah, cut it out. The label says it is Black […]