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Into The Abyss
(Memento Mori)

I can feel the CELTIC FROST in my bones. Is this really "The End Complete"? Well, I read the OBITUARY and it tells about the DEATH of the "Grind Bastard". So, what has happened? I hear a voice "From Beyond" "Scream Bloody Gore"! "Slowly We Rot", SIX FEET UNDER! And it's the truth; the "Cause Of Death" reveals a MASSACRE. He's been struck down by a HELLHAMMER! So what are we ought to do? Is this, "The Grand Leveller", our "World Demise"? In my mind, the "Subconscious Terror" goes on. I feel "Haunted" all the time. Suddenly I wake up dripping with sweat and realize, it's still 2015 and obviously I've been listening too much to the latest offering from ABYSSUS. But with good reason like the following lines gonna show you. Right after that very short intro, the marching route of "Into The Abyss" is more than obvious; when the drums set in after the first guitar tones, the Florida stomp is on! Everything starting with the guitar tuning and ending with the John Tardy (OBITUARY) memorial vocals is very close to the sound which gained them Floridians worldwide fame. But, listen up! Everyone who might behold Greek ABYSSUS as an simple counterpart does them injustice. But, between ourselves, since "The End Complete" there was nothing but mediocre releases except for maybe "World Demise". Their latest effort is like an old, toothless dog; it still barks, but does not do harm to anyone anymore. With their first full length effort this Greek powerhouse breathes life into the rotten body called Florida Death Metal again. Forgotten are those redundant exhumations of such legendary troops like MASSACRE and everything SIX FEET UNDER committed right after "Haunted". Well, "Into The Abyss" even screams of bloody gore, so to say. Songs like 'Intent To Kill' are the missing link between "Cause Of Death" and its follow-up and shows the bands' ability to create neck breaking songs, even if these were no pieces of skill at all. This trio from Athens is able to vary their speed at any time, so that there's definitely no place for boredom at all. You get everything from groovy passages to those stomping up-tempo rhythms. And hey, do I really have to mention the subliminal influence of HELLHAMMER / CELTIC FROST while speaking about a release whose sound is quite close to OBITUARY? Well, no, but I did it anyway! Brutality comes through simplicity. And that's the way it works fine for me! Add some rude, fuck-off attitude from Birmingham Metal Punks BENEDICTION like in 'Those Of The Unholy' or 'Revenge' and you'll get a perfect blend compiled to an album, which is far away from being innovative or outstanding. Maybe it also might have been hardly recognized within the nineties as a result of a totally flooded scene; nevertheless we're in 2015 and everyone who's still waiting / hoping for a new release of the British Punks or an appropriate successor to the heydays of Florida's swamp monsters should wake the fuck up! Why settling for cloud-castles if the way is already paved right down "Into The Abyss"? Thumbs up for no authenticity at all but nearly forty minutes of skull splitting old school Death Metal. Even living legends are about to die one day and ABYSSUS might become the sword of Damocles above their heads. Decide for yourselves and contact the band at or the label at

Carsten Lomme

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