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Feed The Ego
(Unspeakable Axe Records)

When I got this album for review, it didn't tell me anything at all. Maybe I was curious because of the band name. ALGEBRA suggested some kind of overly technical stuff in my head. And lately, I have not been fond of such a sub genre. I got some more info on the band and their background and things started to get a little more interesting: a Swiss Thrash Metal band. Immediately, a band came to mind. And we all know what that band was. Well, if you don't know, it was CORONER. Right there and then I kinda knew this would be much more than what I was expecting at first. Luckily, this time I was not mistaken. And no, ALGEBRA is no CORONER copycat, but they do share a good bunch of aspects, such as a really different approach to Thrash Metal. "Feed The Ego" is a great album from start to finish. One of those albums that deserved all the attention they can get. The production really did it for me. It reminded me of a less compressed "Twisted Into Form" (that's FORBIDDEN's second album for you non Thrash Metal maniacs). The overall sound sits perfectly between the late 80s and early 90s era. The mix is smooth and well done. A controlled, yet crisp guitar tone rounded with a really good bottom end from the bass guitar, which I think is a highlight here. The drums are punchy, clear and natural sounding. A detail that I welcome too much nowadays, where plastic and triggered drums seem to be the norm. The vocals have a certain Punk style, since they sit between shouted old Hardcore style and melodic in certain parts and songs (although the miss some notes here and there). They also have some chain gang choruses, also very welcomed by yours truly. The guitar leads were also a surprise. They tend to mix regular minor scales with suspended and minor melodic modes. Another good detail to take in count. Now, ALGEBRA is a great Thrash Metal band. They do set themselves apart from all these retro / copycat bands, since they use a lot of progressive elements without abusing technical playing or complex structures. These songs are full of catchy choruses, great riffs and a fast pace that varies to keep things interesting. The use of blast beats in certain passages adds a lot to the the album. Comparing ALGEBRA to their country mates CORONER is not too far off. They both have a different approach to the sub-genre and they also have their own identity. I was really surprised of how fast I went through the 44 minutes of this album. Over and over again, I kept discovering nuances and details that sparked my interest. "Feed The Ego" never let go. It got me from the start up to the last second. A really enjoyable release that will fulfill your Thrash Metal needs. I recommend this album 110%. You need to get this if you are one of those old school Thrash Metal maniacs (just like myself). ALGEBRA is not inventing this style, but they sure are adding a fresh approach with interesting compositions and a lot of groove. I also noted some small Death Metal influences that fit perfectly their music. Really, go get this album now! Thrash or die! Go support the band here: And get their album from their current label here:

Alfonso Perez

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