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Let Em' Burn!

Unless you have been living in a cave, and that cave has no Wi-Fi connection, you should know that for strange reasons mosh Thrash / Speed Metal suddenly became the “thing” to play and joy for some Metallers. Basically it got a new air by a few bands that were playing the style since the 80s and “rediscovered" what they were doing in those years after sometimes atrocious efforts done trying to “make it big” and also by some younger generation of fans / bands playing homage to some of those 80s bands. Also to notice that this new wave of fans were quite young, teenagers mainly, that tried hard to be Metal by wearing jackets with ridiculous amounts of patches of bands that existed when their parents were probably just in kindergarten. I cannot recall seeing that many patches back in the 80s so, let’s say that was reborn again with this new Thrash revival. And while I will never say I am bored by bands emulating old SLAYER, POSSESSED, old METALLICA, old MEGADETH, old CELTIC FROST… mmhh, too many “old”, or I can live with the countless VENOM / BATHORY clones, I just cannot get that much from bands trying to recapture the sound of more “jump / mosh” bands like ANTHRAX, D.R.I., SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, TANKARD, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, the more “core” influenced Speed / Thrash bands of old. I like the originals, yes, but at least for those kinds of bands, copycats were just not needed. Why? Because they were too much of a “party music” thing, making Metal something that seems to be enjoyed only while drunk and partying. So bands like MUNICIPAL WASTE, HAVOK, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and many others while maybe some songs can be ok for listening a few times, they end up most of the times sounding too much like their heroes (and many times in a forced way) that unless you want Metal music just to jump and get drunk without reason, they have little to do with more long term quality Metal. Ok, Metal has to be fun, but in an enjoyable way. SABBAT from Japan for example are a band that the way they play live and the way they feel their music, they have fun doing it and recording it, and yet they are also serious. CALAMITY from Puerto Rico seems to follow the usual steps of the Thrash again trend. The cover art immediately reminds of many obscure Metal bands from the 80s in that amateurish almost comic style. And the song titles and themes are not that far from the “lets party and destroy the world” thing. Their first songs were too much in the early METALLICA or MEGADETH thing with a tiny “core” sound in there. It is until the song 'Cyanide' that they show some slight sparks of hope for a Thrash Metal band. In fact they sound here more in the DEMOLITION HAMMER vein with slight touches of early VENOM. That is the style that suits the band better, with the raspy vocal style and the good use of twin guitars. The recording values are quite good for the music, yes; very demo sounding style, but it is a fresh thing in this overproduced scene. Maybe, if this band decides to go more in that direction of the last 3 songs, they can do something above the rest of your everyday Thrash Metal band.

Julián "Until We Die" Núńez

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