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A Parallel Dimension Of Despair
(Memento Mori)

Formed in the bowels of Chicago way back in 1997, CARDIAC ARREST need no introduction to the devoted fans of putrid and blood-drenched Death Metal, for these grave-dwellers have been carving out aural nightmares of perishing filth for decades now. Consisting of four individuals with an unearthly interest in all that's absurd, sinister and ghastly, the band's been consistently getting heavier and more vile with every album they spat out via previous labels such as Razorback Recordings and Ibex Moon Records, honoring Death Metal of the most pulverizing and decayed breed, yet adding enough personality to be in a forever-rotting league of their very own. In the endless quest to support underground acts that perpetuate the odor of vintage Death Metal, prestigious Spanish label Memento Mori released their sixth album entitled “A Parallel Dimension Of Despair”. This release came up with an improved production by Javi Bastard (ALTARAGE, ATARAXY, BOKLUK, DECAPITATED CHRIST, etc.); while the ethereal cover artwork by Juanjo Castellano (SOULROT, AVULSED, BODYFARM, CHRIST DENIED, CORRISIVE CARCASS, etc) truly grasped the visual quintessence. The music of CARDIAC ARREST is a cerebral blowout completely at any level of artistic expression, with a raw and straight sound to the marrow that perfectly portrayed Death Metal intension, which was in force during the early 90s. Through this release they returned to the compositions of “Morgue Mutilations” (2006), “Haven For Insane” (2010) and “Vortex Of Violence"(2012). With more accelerated and pulsating musical bodies, the band captured the sound at the compositional and execution level, where the riffs fall perfectly with the blast beats and the beastly progressions. Being ferocious in every sense and direct to the cerebellum, they entered the zone and infect all malignly. “A Parallel Dimension Of Despair” is a well-built record of varying pace, which leads the listener into various stages of a genre and after a few spins you will get mostly drawn to this platter by Adam Scott’s vocal deliverance. Adam delivers growl, grunt and yowl with the savagery of them, taking influence from the likes of AUTOPSY, while the band in general combines a grinding dose of insanity. The overall result is an unearthly, gnarly and contagious movement like maelstrom. While ‘Unforgiving…Unrelenting’ provides a killer melody alongside varied speed patterns; whereas a song such as ‘Become The Pain’ provides an unhealthy gallop as Nick Gallichio, hammers his blood-soaked skins. Elsewhere, tracks such as ‘When The Teeth Sink In’ showcase the aptitudes of Dave Holland’s bass; which bring forth a fetid and well-soiled backbone for the gruesome chords. Spine shivering, ‘It Takes Form’ gushes with thrashing menace; a nasty cut of speed and aggression. The deep, dark, brooding creation ‘This Dark Domain’ initiated in a slow motion and rippling moves featuring some gripping chords and bony percussion. Meanwhile, ‘Voices From The Tomb’, an eight-minute master class in the moody melodic vein, pulled the cardiac plug at the end; from its opening forlorn chords to that slow, tense build up and then the intense speeds up will batter the ears with a Death Metal frenzy. The short stab of ‘Professional Victim’, another hurtling manifestation invoked the spirit of mighty BENEDICTION and other elder sprits. To provide some views behind the lyrical influences, Adam Scott (vocals, guitars) who penned the lyrics mentioned in one particular interview that only ‘Rotting Creator’ being the exception, which were lyrics that Tom Knizner (guitars) had from one of his old bands, DOGOD. Here's a play by play with some of the songs. ‘When The Teeth Sink In’ is inspired by the Italian gutmuncher, Cannibal Apocalypse. ‘Immoral And Absurd’ is a salute to fans of Metal and Horror alike. Both go together like milk and cookies, and both seem to get the 'stink eye’ from most society. ‘It Takes Form’ was inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing. ‘Professional Victim’ is simply poking fun at today's PC culture. It has no place in Metal and NEVER has! Such diverse and intelligent lyrical construction carrying insightful messages which you will only realize upon exposure. References to be made include GRAVE, MASTER, BENEDICTION, OBITUARY, CIANIDE, MALEVOLENT CREATION and of course the Floridian masters DEATH and MASSACRE, but here they delivered this creation with a class and precision that's entirely their own. "A Parallel Dimension Of Despair" proves old age doesn't reduced the die hard spirit one bit and this snarly Death rot Metal shall transport nefarious souls unto parallel dimensions of despair. More band info here: Visit their label at:

Randolph Whateley

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