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The Wild
(Rain Without End Records)

Dutch land has always been the abyssal source of many artistic mysteries and it has always been magical to be exposed unto Netherlandish form of unique musical vision. CELESTERRE are a band from the Netherlands and "The Wild" is their debut full-length which was released on July, 2017 through Rain Without End Records, a division of Naturmacht Productions. Prior to this album they have already released a demo ("Celesterre", 2012) and a mind-bending EP ("A Blooming Spring", 2014). CELESTERRE plays a musical style which is mostly deep-rooted in traditional Doom and Heavy Metal while also involvement of some Progressive and Black Metal rudiments to craft something very innovative and the production sounds very professional while the lyrics exploring mother nature. The word 'Celesterre' means 'the earth in all its splendor', which is fitting since nature is the subject of all their lyrics. According to the band, the name stands for both construction and life as well as degradation and death. Both sides are equally important for the functioning of the planet and its organisms. Composition wise the whole record transcends melodicism yet heavy Doom Metal riffs start off the album along with tasty touches of 70s traditional Metal. Incorporated solos and leads also stick to a very old school style while the vocals start off in an organic clean style and you will sense that all of the musical instruments played like an intact organic life form. Clean acoustic guitars can also be heard in certain parts of the recording while synths are also used at times. Hearing the spoken word parts along with a brief use of female vocals adds more to its atmosphere. When the music speeds up a decent amount of tremolo picking and blast beats arrived. Certain elements of Black Metal will turn in unconscious moments adding in a brief use of high pitched screams. The last track is lengthy enough also adds in a few seconds of growls to make the whole experience more enthralling. The lyrics on "The Wild" are well-thought-out and deeply significant. Vocalist and guitar player Wouter Klinkenberg expressed in one of their interviews that it's about the different phases and trials that every organism goes through in life. Each phase or trial has been given its own song: birth ('Burst Into Life'), the relationship between organisms and their driving forces ('Instinct'), fighting and struggles ('Ramfight At Sundown'), love and procreation ('Endure The Cold'), finding your way in your environment ('The Wild'), feeding and hunting ('Hunger'), interaction with other organisms ('The Pecking Order'), decay and death ('A Celebration Of Decay'). Regardless of whoever likes or dislikes the recent tradition of crafting different genres in one fold, CELESTERRE "The Wild" is truly some sort of creation which explored the mother nature and its significance in every step of earthly life through sonic vision. Make sure you give this release a listen, because if you look at the mood and construction of "The Wild", you can start a new favorite that can give you a lot more than just think about it. Find out more at or visit their Bandcamp page:

Randolph Whateley

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