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Victim No. 52
(Woodcut Records)

Now we have an somewhat interesting band here... Let's get straight to the point for a change without starting bullshitting about a short history of the band and just that kind of crap, shall we? DE LIRIUM'S ORDER's musical package is, to put it shortly, a big mish-mash of influences being ripped from Thrash, Death and Black Metal genres where you are able to hear basically anything from DEMIGOD to SLAYER to DIMMU BORGIR to DEICIDE - even to CHILDREN OF BODOM (now I'm referring in here to some damn technical and somewhat tricky lead work particularly into Alexi Laiho vein, though - and luckily NO synth parts here at all!). Actually it's really damn hard to categorize them under one specific genre and say they could play clearly this and / or that stuff, so I'll leave this up to a listener to decide if he / or she even necessarily wants to use a certain category to label them in the first place at all? However, it needs to be said, however that I'm having a very strong and promising debut album of DE LIRIUM'S ORDER in my hands right now. I haven't become familiar with the band's music too much earlier and therefore I can honestly say I was quite damn positively surprised by "Victim No. 52" only due to its very aggressive, highly technical, well played, a bit progressive even, positively innovative and malicious Metal songs on it. Especially the twin guitar work on this album is frighteningly impressive throughout the whole album, full of razor-sharp kick-ass riffs (check out 'Nightmare In Apartment' to become convinced of this fact), awesome leads and just very strong and cutting rhythms that tend to follow each other on the album, one after another. Coprse (also in a Finnish 'deathrashing' combo called DEATHCHAIN) has also succeeded in doing his a bit archaistic growling vocal parts very well for the album without sounding even a bit corny at all, but more like on the contrary, sounding very powerful and convincing like he would have never sounded better. Oddly these fellows do remind me of some of DEMIGOD's thrashier approach on the band's latest "Shadow Mechanics" album with all those specific parts where bits of Death Metal cross a bit larger doses of Thrash Metal or just the other way around. The band's DIMMU BORGIR-like moments, on the other hand, can be experienced in a song called 'Pathologist's Perverse Fantasies' where Kuolio from DEATHCHAIN does his absolutely very best Shagrath - imitation right after the song has reached the 2-minutes mark. He would have a true potentiality to be a lead singer in some Black Metal band, too - just not a single doubt of it at all. Well, there really isn't much else I could 'lie' to you... (eh!), I mean - tell to you about this pleasingly high-octane 'deathrashing' debut assault of DE LIRIUM'S ORDER that definitely rocks harder and much more convincing way than "The King" Elvis was ever capable of doing in his early prime. And I'm already assuming you also wanna witness very eagerly and anxiously how well DE LIRIUM's ORDER actually does 'rock' on "Victim No. 52", so why you are still hesitating...?

Luxi Lahtinen

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