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Scream Bloody Gore
(Century Media Records)

The Infernal Death... more than 20 years have passed since the release of this album, form this band which mastermind 'Evil' Chuck Schuldiner, is now considered a legend, praised by the brutality of his early effort or the musical finesse of the later ones... but here is where it all started... it was the year 1987, when to shock the masses in the field of Heavy Metal was becoming more than an experience... influenced by SLAYER, VENOM and specially POSSESSED, this young band which has been doing noise since 1984 with a couple of demos under the MANTAS and then later the very 'original' DEATH moniker, finally got the attention of Combat Records to release their debut album. At the time of the release, this was criticized by the more mainstream Heavy Metal publications as just absurd noise... but again the real fans loved it and pushed the band to new heights... formed by a young Charles Michael Schuldiner on guitars / growls and Christopher Reifert on drums (a certain John Hand is credited as rhythm guitarist but the truth is he did not play on this album), they went on with legendary producer Randy Burns to record their debut. Few know that actually the band started recording this one in Florida, but after finishing the rhythm section, they were not convinced by the sound, so they decided to record it again in L.A.10 songs of brutal Death Metal were recorded. The first thing that strikes the listener is the ferocious attack the band delivers, with thick and very fast guitar riffs and a monstrous rhythm section, although sounding still primitive, they do have a distinct melody hidden in there. The Zombie Ritual... enter the vocals of hell, with Chuck's diabolic, pus-spewing vocal style, which can only be compared to those of Jeffrey Becerra, with a very similar approach, and let's say 'technique', that adds an infinite level of brutality to the already intense music. Chuck's vocal style was also quite diverse on its own, not only doing some low growls, but also trying some more high pitched screams which does refer to the torture chamber of an occult sect. The Denial Of life... lyric wise this is an exercise in old gore movies, if you have not noticed it, and they were meant to shock, to be repulsive and to make parents fear their kids will get their hands on this kind of music. The Sacrificial... whereas the song structures are quite simple and in your face, the band is capable of creating very 'catchy' hooks with well defined melodic interludes that blend together in blood soaking perfection with the explosive brutality of the songs. The Mutilation... if you had a trained ear for brutal Death Metal, then you could listen that deep in the core, or should I say guts, of the music, lies a strong NWOBHM influence, and bands like ANGEL WITCH, JUDAS PRIEST or DEMON might have some of their riffs stolen, then dressed-up in pus and gastric juices, and then speed up and deformed to demonic heights to then be added to the rotting stench that DEATH creates. The Regurgitated Guts... do not expect always a full speed ahead musical attack, as Chuck & Co. are also able to do mid-tempo songs and breaks, with face melting riffs, and they even add some very good solos (for such a young band) to add a bit of change... To be Baptized in blood... what makes this one different at the time, was not only the approach to the gore aspects, rather than the Satanic approach similar bands had, but also the way they (de)compose songs, with sometimes an hypnotic-like repetitive riff, that suddenly breaks with a melodic passage to the return again to that simple, yet effective sound, that evokes heavy head banging... To be Torn to pieces... the strength, the energy this band of brutal Death Metal injects in each and every one of their songs, makes this one a very strong affair, where there are no fillers, and at this point the personality of 'Evil' Chuck is present as he was a bit of a perfectionist, leaving out songs as 'Legion Of Doom' for not being in the same league as the rest. The Evil Dead... no one can deny that in this first sacrificial offering, they took a very direct up-front approach with simple, yet very effective riffs, that stays in your head after long time, and you can even recognize some subtle arrangements that speaks of greater things to come. To Scream Bloody Gore... after being released and re-released many times in the past, this new edition is re-mastered, includes 'Denial Of Life' in a unreleased live version, it contains a new layout and liner notes by the once big supporter of Metal and this band Borivoj Krgin... Beyond the unholy grave... Chuck passed away some few years ago, still his legacy continues (in a deathly form) with releases as this, which is truly a rotten jewel in the underground Death Metal scene... Land of no return... This debut album, with all the flaws that might have in production and execution, is without doubt a milestone in the genre and an essential disc in any self-respecting fan of underground music. Like the fantastic Ed Repka cover art, just raise your blood-filled cups and drink for master Chuck while you head bang and SCREAM BLOODY GORE!!!

Julián Núńez

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