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(Displeased Records)

Boooooooooooooring... this time only one single word is enough to describe this CD: BORING!!! In my humble opinion this is one of the most superfluous releases ever... to be honest it's more superfluous than pimples on my ass... Why? Well, because the musical quality is not worth mentioning and because all recordings on this re-re-release have already seen the light of day for the third time. "1.3.8.", which stands for the number of tracks per release, contains the following recordings: The "1" song ('Babykiller') was already released on a Corpse Gristle label compilation and then re-released on "1.3.8." in 2000 on Corpse Gristle Records. The "3" songs were released in 1997 as the "Impaled" demo and then re-released on "1.3.8.". The "8" songs were released as the "Molesting The Decapitated" CD in 1999 and then re-released on "1.3.8.". In the meantime the 2000 release of "1.3.8." was sold out so Displeased Records decided to bring out this re-release. But without any new or re-recorded stuff just the old well known shit. So what's the reason for this re-re-release? Can't tell you... maybe it's to make some easy bucks because of the cult status DEVOURMENT has for some people, a status I've never understood. DEVOURMENT is a mediocre band and musically nothing but irrelevant. On the other hand DEVOURMENT is not the most extreme nor most brutal band ever... So what makes them so special? Perhaps it's because their vocalist was incarcerated some years... I don't know... but I guess this band sold more shirts than CDs... that's strange. Anyway, let's talk about the music. In my eyes DEVOURMENT is one of the most overrated bands on this doomed planet. Stupid talent free lyrical concept, powerless production, less than average song structures and very poor song writing abilities. A DEVOURMENT song consists of blastbeats (which are not that fast) and groovy (which are not that groovy) slam, mosh riffs... that's it. Believe me this bores you to death after a while. Oh, I forgot the vocals... they totally suck. I can't understand how one could think this lame, powerless, monotonous exhaling noise sounds brutal. I never was a friend of those lame frog noise vocalists. Hey, my little pussy cat definitely makes way more brutal noises while attacking the dog... Well, enough said, so don't waste your hard earned money cause as mentioned before this is boooooooooooooring...


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