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Sinister Ceremonies
(The Sinister Flame)

Every once in a while you come across with something that makes you to love it instantly. Without playing a true smart ass or anything, but there are many kinds of possibilities for some certain instant loves out there - being it a new fancy car, a big new home, an interesting and / or cute person or animal - or just some certain type of music that works like a gigantic magnetic force. Talking about the latter type of so-called 'instant love', I just recently came across one new acquaintance to me that comes from Valencia, Spain. This trio obeys the name DOMAINS, and they play Death Metal; the most ancient, darkest and classic kind. "Sinister Ceremonies", this 10-track debut effort of DOMAINS, simply blew me away right when the very first chords of 'Domains' were churned out in the stiff air. And I gotta be honest with all of you by stating the following: if you put such names as IMMOLATION, DEMIGOD, ASPHYX and SADISTIC INTENT through a blender, the result might well be something like DOMAINS and their spine-chilling and all-mangling "Sinister Ceremonies" album really. I mean, the influences are definitely there - and whenever there's even a chance to recycle some of the greatest moments of those aforementioned names, then you should do it immediately without any damn hesitations, I mean, if you are just capable of re-capturing some true Death Metal magic on an album. These 3 Spanish Death Metal warriors have gone to the very ruins of true dark and murky sounding Death Metal - and made their best out of it, with some incredible results on their debut album actually. I even cannot remember when I have been this enthusiastic and overly excited about one single Death Metal album recorded by an entire new name in the underground Death Metal scene - well, perhaps with the exception of German Lovecraftian Death Metallers SULPHUR AEON. It's definitely been a good while though. DOMAINS have cleverly utilized exactly some of those vital Death Metal elements within their songs that make Death Metal to sound like REAL fuckin' Death Metal. They trust the sheer power of varying tempos, different moods, eerie and creeping melodies - and first and foremost, they trust their own abilities to come up with something spectacular and memorable musically, in which in my sincere opinion they have succeeded very well at too. Coincidence or not but such songs as 'Raped By Darkness' and 'Crowned At Dusk' remind me heavily of DEMIGOD, the "Slumber" era precisely. Those dark and heavy riffs, horizon-cutting bass lines, haunting guitar melodies and the way how these particular songs have arranged, have pretty much the same power to them what made for example DEMIGOD's "Slumber Of Sullen Eyes" such a timeless Death Metal classic over the years. Then again, in 'Eucharist Of Relevance' there's some shameless IMMOLATION worship whipped in, which makes me to love this record even more. It's really no matter how I should put my words of praise for describing all this pure unyielding awesomeness that there's been captivated inside "Sinister Ceremonies", one thing is certain anyway: DOMAINS will be keeping many true Death Metal maniacs satisfied and pleased for years to come, if they just keep on following the right musical path, and without making any compromises for the sake of adopting a more 'wider audience friendly´ sound for themselves, you know. Spine-trembling and beautifully crushing Death Metal... hell yes, that's what DOMAINS are all about. All further information can be found at:, label:

Luxi Lahtinen

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