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Vestibule Of Hell
(Wolfsbane Records)

I remember when I first started to get into Metal, the big thing were tape compilations, from here and there. I remember getting some great ones compiled in Eastern Europe, perhaps not always the best quality, nor with the acceptance from the different bands and labels. Though a really great way to get into new bands and music, as the internet wasn't at the hands back then. Tapes, vinyl, CDs and FM radio were the ways to go, together with fan- and magazines. So all those kind of cheap tapes, for what would equal 4-5 (p&p included) Euros or Dollars in nowadays money, did open some eyes and ears, and laid the foundation for future buys. Now it is easy to get a listen to new music and bands, you have Spotify, Tidal, Bandcamp, Soundcloud and a ton of other ways, though that way isn't as soulful as the fight we had, back in the days, to get hold of new music. Though tape compilations are on the rise again, nice and quietly, together with tape releases in general, even the big labels have started to do tapes now, which I can't understand, but well... And we are getting a few LP compilations as well. I guess Soulseller Records started it all, when they back in 2008 released "Resurrected In Festering Slime", and kind of kickstarted the return of Swedish Death Metal, and then the Swedish theme was followed up by Critical Mass Recordings a couple of years ago, which became an ongoing series, that soon will see its third installment, and probably a few more in between? Please enlighten me! Now a Dutch label has picked up the flame and has released an evil compilation on vinyl, "Vestibule Of Hell" showcasing 14 bands and 14 unreleased tracks from Holland, Germany, Mexico, Israel, USA, Poland / England and Sweden. We are getting a slap in the face from wicked Death Metal, doomy Death Metal, old school Death / Black Metal wickedness, some punkiness and pure misanthropy. We are starting out with Mexican madmen HACAVITZ, with the track 'Nighte' that now also has been released on their 7" split with SHIT, never the less a great showcase of disharmonic Black Metal with a great cold and dark feel. From Mexico we also have DENIAL with a slap of darkened chaotic Death Metal from the depths where only chtulu roams, a newly recorded track perhaps? About time they got around to do some new material. From Holland we have a great deal of bands, first up ENTRAPMENT with their straight forward chainsaw guitar Death Metal and wicked reverbed growls, a good track that you can't help to headbang to, and a nice raw guitarsolo to end the track. PENTACLE do what they do best, dark and raw Death Metal with a great feel and nerve. ICONS OF BRUTALITY is delivering heavy and raw Death Metal, they released their debut full length on Cyclone Empire in 2013, and seems to be ready again now, quite standardized chugging Death Metal with some decent guitar riffs, rhythm patterns and great growls. DEAD WILL WALK is a new entity for my ears, a punkish take on Death Metal, a good growl, some decent cathcy riffing and simple rhythm patters. 'Prison Tomb' doesn't do much for me, though perhaps the duo will take their grinding guitars, a step further in the future. LUCIFERICON delivers chaotic and dark Death Metal, with some catchy chugging breaks and wicked eerie melodies, they are reminding me so much of an old band that I like, I just can't think of which, but an interesting band to follow into the future. From Sweden we are getting the masters of the ressurection, BOMBS OF HADES, lead by legend Jonas Stålhammar, which has been doing his stints in quite a band during the ages, and have made BOMBS OF HADES a fast-releasing Death Metal machine, 3 full lengths since 2010 and a fourth on its way, where this track 'When The Reaper Comes' are featured on, and a hell of a lot of EPs and splits. Though the lads are keeping the quality quite high, I guess, there must have been a good deal of tracks hidden in drawer, from back in the days. ETERNAL ROT is a band situated in Poland and England, or something in that vein, dark and wicked, disharmonic noisy gory Death Metal. It has a nice feel and punch, and some really great sick and puked growls, though the music is quite simple, though that works well here and there. Germany is featured with WOUND that roams on F.D.A. Records, here they are featured with the track 'Carrion', trademark raw WOUND Death Metal with the HM-2 guitartone, a bit lo-fi, classic Swe-Death melodic work. Who said early AT THE GATES? Decent rhythm patters and a good screamed growl. NEKROFILTH from Cleveland does some punkish Thrash with a crisp guitarsound and some straight forward beats and a quite nice, in the grim way, vocals, a straight forward catchy fucker, that will be good to drink beers to during the summer. THE HOWLING WIND hails from New York / Portland and has quite some releases under the belt. Grim, noisy nihilistic Black Metal, lo-fi and hardhitting, a wicked project that either hits you straight on, or doesn't do a thing for you. I am caught by the march-like rhythms, the thin and cold guitars, the sick reverbed vocals and raw noise. RUDE closes the compilation with 'Funeral Pyre', a fitting title for a last track, old school and raw sounding classical US Death Metal, midpaced to fast and blasting, a deeper and purer growl would have fitted the music, very well. Though that KREATOR sounding guitar lead, in the middle of the track, does some great havoc, it is hard not to like such! SONNE ADAM, delivers a harsh and dark wake-up call, massive and brutal and straight in your face. It is hard not to be carried away of such a wall of darkness. A great compilation where we get a bit around genres and countries, and experience, some hopefully new bands, to check further out. I did, as there were a couple of bands on this compilation, I prior only have given a superficial listen, that will change now. Cool to see a release as this, with a lot of quality, and it could be great if "Vestibule Of Hell" was continued. A great way to showcase new and interesting bands. More info at:

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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