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Thrashing Damnation: Thru Compilation 2
(Defense Records)

If you were always looking for a compilation that gives you a huge overview on the Polish Thrash Metal underground, you don't need to continue reading, since you found what you're looking for. You are able to discover eleven bands with two or three songs each, which means a total of 24 songs of Thrash Metal from one of the most Metal countries in Europe. In case you aren't exactly looking for that special compilation, you find some good reasons to get “Thrashing Damnation: Thru Compilation 2” either. First of all: you are able to discover fine Thrash Metal from one of the most Metal countries in Europe. Errrr... I repeat myself, ain't I? So what, the message needs to get through to you! The CD starts off with two songs each by DRILLER, THE NO-MADS, STRIKING BEAST and KOMUTATOR. These eight songs revive the spirit of (mainly continental) 80s Thrash Metal. You know, SLAYER, KREATOR, ASSASSIN, SODOM and all the other bands who raged in the Metal clubs back in the days. A fine start that already made me old fart smile, but with RUSTED BRAIN the comp takes the next step up. Their stuff is pretty much the same style, but on an even better level, short, to the point and no frills, except maybe for the MAIDENesque solo in 'Executor'. It's no wonder that these guys are featured with three tracks. The also fine R.O.D. is the other band with a third song on “Thrashing Damnation: Thru Compilation 2”, a choice I understand, since their Thrash with a certain Crossover attitude comes along very raging. Yet, I personally would also digested a third song by the unique MAIDEN - meets - Crossover outfit TESTER GIER, since their two songs sung in the Polish language really lifted my mood up. You can literally hear that these guys have so much fun playing their songs, they just sing- all of them. REPULSOR are the band with the most promising name on the comp and they did by no means disappoint me. Their proto Death / Thrash just rips! I'd loved to hear more of them here, but following this highlight we find the first little flaw of the compilation, since RAGING DEATH sound a little antiquated and are not as fresh and vigorous as the bands before. And MENTHRASS aren't that much better, their more Speed Metal styled songs are pretty naïve. So it's up to ROTENGEIST to provide a worthy end to this comp. And they do it with style: Thrash in a typical 1980s vein, with some decent Bay Area influences. What does “Thrashing Damnation: Thru Compilation 2” tell us about the Polish Thrash Metal scene? It's vivid and promising, since ten fine to great bands out of twelve is a damn good rate for a compilation. So, it's definitely a great idea to check:

Thomas Meyer

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