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A Brazilian Tribute To Bathory - Anthems Of Blood, Fire & Death
(Misanthropic Records)

A couple of years ago a German underground magazine had plans to release a tribute to BATHORY compilation CD... Of course the idea of a tribute album in general isn't really new anymore these days, but this one was supposed to be a double or even triple CD and only should have featured bands from Brazil, which definitely would have made it a lot more special. Lots of bands had already recorded their songs, but for some reason the project unfortunately never materialized. Fast forward to 2019. Three of the bands join forces again on a vinyl 7" EP entitled "A Brazilian Tribute To Bathory - Anthems Of Blood, Fire & Death", which was released by the small, but fine Brazilian label Misanthropic Records. The best known of them of course are legendary Death Metallers HEADHUNTER D.C., which are featured with some sort of medley of 'Total Destruction' and 'Reap Of Evil' (the latter serving as an epilogue here). I was very surprised to hear how well they made this material their own, without loosing the dark original vibe of it. Vocalist Sérgio almost sounds like the young Quorthon himself on this one, while the musical side benefits from their Death Metal roots a lot, turning their versions into more brutal, yet raw ones. The Black Metal five piece POSTHUMOUS transformed 'Reaper' into an even more Speed Metal infected hymn as the original already was. Due to the way better production you can hear this a lot more clearly now. Last, but not least we have TRIPALIUM, a rather obscure project consisting of members from POSTHUMOUS, THE ORDHER, COLDBLOOD and HEADHUNTER D.C., that came together only to record the BATHORY song 'Raise The Dead'. Just like the HEADHUNTER D.C. contribution also this is a very strong one, with some fine vocals of Mr. Baloff once again. Too bad we won't get to hear all the other bands that were supposed to appear on the tribute originally, but at least we have this very cool EP now. It is limited to 333 handnumbered copies and comes up with a great looking cover artwork, which basically combines the sleeves of the first two BATHORY albums, "Bathory" and "The Return..." (a great idea, since the cover songs all come from those two records). The fold out EP sleeve has info and photo (or logo in the case of TRIPALIUM) of each of the three bands and some short liner notes of HEADHUNTER D.C.'s vocalist Sérgio "Baloff" Borges. My copy comes in crystal clear vinyl mixed with black fog-like segments, so there might be other colors available as well. All in all a great release for fans of early BATHORY or vinyl collectors in general! For more band and label information visit the following sites:,,

Frank Stöver

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