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Svartmetall Compilation 2001
(NS Productions)

Excuse me, but to me the musical sub genre once known as "Black Metal" is definitely no more! Ever since its worldwide acceptance way too many bands started to jump on the bandwaggon and delivered material that by no means still has something to do with the original ideology of Black Metal! You got the viking stuff, the avantgarde influences, the Folklore and Gothic bullshit and the melodic or Death Metal infected "Black" Metal releases... but only a handful of bands still deliver the rawness and the eerie, cold satanic atmosphere in their musical creations. The Norwegian label NS Productions (what a braindead, provoking name, no matter what it's really supposed to stand for...) compiled a disc of 13 Norwegian underground bands in order to do something about the ongoing misery in the scene. "We have grown tired of all the musical prostitution, the decadence and the cowardish behaviour in this scene..." is being mentioned in the enclosed info sheet. Well, strong words, but then they better should be backed up by promising new bands, that still know what this scene really needs. Unfortunately that isn't the case with this compilation. Apart from ROVMORD (who come up with a quite demonic and very original sounding vocalist), ENDSUM, LANDAWARIJAZ, CARNIFEX (who all deliver quite basic, yet ok sounding raw Black Metal) and the already quite famous 1349 (who are the most extreme act on here), all other 8 acts are just lame and exactly fit into any of those categories I mentioned in the beginning of this review. So, if this is supposed to be the next generation of Norway's once so hopeful underground, I could easily live without it. In case you're always interested in such compilations, especially if they are limited editions (only 500 copies are supposed to be available of this here) you should send 100KR (Scandinanvia) / 14$ (rest of the world) plus postage to: NSP, Arbins gt. 5, N - 0253, Oslo, Norway, email:,

Frank Stöver

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