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Issue # 8
(100 pages, A4, printed, written in English)

“There's nothing wrong with living in the past...” writes Derek Oliver (who's also the founder of ROCK CANDY RECORDS) in his introduction of this 8th issue of UK's newest bi-monthly magazine ROCK CANDY. And that really sums up already pretty good what this magazine is all about: timeless features on timeless Rock and Metal acts, instead of the typical run of the mill content that every other genre related magazine comes up with each and every month. No wonder though, since the staff behind ROCK CANDY magazine consists of the “who is who” of British Rock journalists: Derek Oliver, Malcome Dome, Xavier Russell and Howard Johnson should all ring a bell or two if you're following the music scene for a longer period of time already. They all have decades of experience (publishing various books, working in major label A&R or management departments, running radio shows etc.) and they all already wrote for well known publications such as Record Mirror, Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, RAW, Classic Rock or Metal Forces. So, if you're an open-minded Rock fan with interest in reading lengthy features on bands / artists that often aren't the flavor of the month in other publications (anymore), you should definitely add this impressive full colour, high glossy magazine on your shopping list. The current issue (# 8) includes interviews and unique articles on NIGHT RANGER, KING'S X, BLUE ÖYSTER CULT, KEN HENSLEY, RICHIE SAMBORA, GOLDEN EARRING, DREAM THEATER, LITA FORD, VAN HALEN, STRYPER, NIKI SIXX, BLAZE BAYLEY (on his MAIDEN years) and specials on DONINGTON MONSTERS OF ROCK and JAPANESE METAL. But the best is yet to come... Being a KISS die hard since 1977 the massive 14 pages special on the 1978 solo albums by the four original KISS members was the main reason why I finally wanted to check this magazine out after all. And I wasn't disappointed at all since it includes interesting interviews with Alvin Ross (who was KISS' co-manager with Bill Aucoin), guitarist Bob Kulick and drummer Richie Fontana (who both played on Paul Stanley's album), art director Dennis Woloch, security man “Big” John Harte and Carol Ross (who was doing PR for the band back then). Highly recommended and a nice addition to a similar feature that German ROCKS magazine just published in their current issue # 65. So, if your record collection includes more than just Black, Death and Thrash Metal you should definitely pick up of copy of ROCK CANDY magazine when you get the chance. For more background info or order / subscription details check out

Frank Stöver

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