» Donation

Ever since we started the VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE online version 19 years ago, we always refused offers from labels that wanted to book ad space / banners of any kind. We wanted the site to remain completely ad free and we will definitely continue to do so in the future as well.

But due to the fact that technology marches on we had to go for a completely new software this month in order to be able to continue on. Otherwise VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE would definitely have been history in early 2020.

Our goal was to come up with a new version that still has all the old features and a layout as close to the old version as possible. And if you check out the result, I think we pretty much succeeded in all that, thanks to the incredible help of Andi Bauer, who made it all happen.

But it costed a lot of time and money. Money that I had to spend out of my own pockets.

So, instead of turning VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE into a commercial site, I figured it would be better to ask you – our dedicated longtime readers – for help.

If you are able to donate just a tiny little bit, it would definitely be very helpful. It doesn’t matter how much you can donate, because every donation will be helpful to the cause.

The total costs we need to cover are 1.000 €, which is pretty much for a single person, but considering the fact that we have approximately 10.000 visitors every month, it shouldn’t really be a big problem.

As soon as we’ve reached the goal, we will stop the donation option and publish the names of every single one who helped us. Don’t worry, we won’t publish the amount of money that you donated (unless you’d like us to do so), because we think that it’s up to each one of you to decide what he / she can come up with.

We appreciate help of any kind.

Thank you all!

» A massive thanks for donating so far goes out to:

László Fodor, Philipp Jonas, Martin Gebel, Carlos Solano, Mattias Frisk, Dennis Wendig, Tim Klöcker, Wannes Gubbels, Rob Sturkenboom, Mark Terwort, Pedro Palma Fratti, Christian Krieger, Ricardo Mouwen, Manolis A., Giorgio Tskhadadzé, Andreas Menz, Frederic Schaus, Hussin Muhammad Shahid Bin, Marc Henselek, Marco Müller, Frank Seifert, Jesus Claros, Mike Wittig, FDA Records, Mindaugas Lapinskas, Mirco Szymyslik, Krzysztof Piękoś, Martin Wickler, Jan Kruitwagen, Michael Kujawska, Raul Sampedro Valdivieso, Saul Essame, Insision, David Suárez López, Matthias Auch, Thomas Ehrmann, Steven Willems, Philipp Schulz, Daniel Malcovsky, Thomas Georg, Joseph Curwen, Martin Quast, Thekla & Sonny, Nicklas Rudolfsson, Pierre-Denis Roh, Misanthropic Art, Andrew Sooparlie, Pino Hecker, Philipp Hetmanczyk, Markus Morrison, Arthur Mendiola, Remission Records, Sabine Jochem and all those who prefered not to be mentioned with their names.