2005 will surely be a crucial year for the legendary SATAN’S HOST, as their new record, the fantastic "Burning The Born Again… (A New Philosophy)", already available as a self-release (see the review section), will be soon unleashed on a far broader scale thanks to a proper record deal. I don’t think a long introduction is needed, let’s Eli Elixir (vocals) and Patrick "Satan" Evil do the talking in their enthusiastic and flamboyant way!

Let’s begin with what is to me the biggest mystery regarding SATAN’S HOST. Recently you unleashed a new album entitled "Burning The Born Again… (A New Philosophy)". Yet, despite the remarkable quality of this record, both music and production wise, this is a self-release. How come? Didn’t you manage to secure a proper deal? I can’t imagine you didn’t receive any offer at all, so your comments about this rather strange situation are more than welcome here
"Well this is a record of remarkable quality, both musically and production wise and yes we did self finance this project all on our own. No help from any outside influences. Well, we are presently working on securing a record deal as with distribution around the world. So in the near future the SATAN’ HOST muzik shall be in record stores and on-line stores in the beginning of the New Year… 2005. We did shop this album out around the world. I believe that there were close to 100 record labels, both independent and major that received this project. Our belief is to solidify the integrity of our Legacy which has propelled us to never quit doing what we truly love to do with or without backing from the industry. As Metal Warriors in the trenches and on the front lines of this Apocalyptic War against all other music, we have a life long responsibility unto our Legions / Fans worldwide to continue in our quest too enlighten those of like minds. SATAN’HOST and the Legacy of the Muzik have always had one mind set, and that is to be leaders / pioneers in this realm of Metal."

It seems you don’t tour these days and that you play only in your home state (Colorado). Do you plan to change this situation in a near future, or other commitments impeach you to consider extensive touring?
"Well to be honest with you and our fan base, we have been out and about for the past year plus touring… Self financed. Mainly performing in and around the four corners of the United States, due to our limited resources. Colorado, New Mexico and places like Texas we have unleashed the muzik even songs from past albums and the response was very kind to us. Though in the near future we are going to be a lot more involved with the Metal Festivals across America, perhaps even some European festivals. We truly do have our energies directed towards taking the muzik overseas and performing it to our European fan base. This is our Satanic commitment not only too the muzik, but to our Metal Brothers worldwide. SATAN’S HOST is and will always be a Live band, there is no other form of Satanic energy that can equate unto what will manifest during a live SATAN’S HOST show. It is more of a ritualistic ceremony of like minds, where the crowd dictates the velocity of muzikal power too be unleashed."

What kind of response did you get since the album is out? I am asking that because I didn’t read that much reviews of it until now, at least on the net. What kind of promotion do you make for "Burning…"? I have the feeling that you are content enough with your state of seclusion, but maybe I am wrong?
"The support has been incredible, beyond our expectations. The energies that have been evoked truly have rekindled the unbridled fire within our black hearts. Just in knowing that we are well into the span of two decades, our fans and their loyalty unto the muzik and what we represent is very true and monstrous. Basically in promoting this project we hunted down those who we felt were worthy of this nocturnal opus and appreciate its integrity. Knowing full well within our black hearts of all the trickery that the oppositions in this industry can do, and who would try and stand in our way… Never get in the way of a pack of demons that are on a mission from Hell or you will be devoured. We are never content! To be content is to be dead. Our seclusion was a self manifesto, so as to evoke the Magick of our essence and solidify our direction and enlightenment… The Muzik. Our relentless dedication and belief shall always direct us too greatness in this realms of metal from Hell."

Who handles the song writing duties recently? Are the new members involved in the process? I guess you two are the key persons when it comes to composing, but again it could be a wrong assumption of mine?
"Song writing duties are revealed by Patrick Evil on guitar. His ideas and creations are summoned forth from beyond, into the presence of the now. Lyrical philosophies and ritualistic evocations are inked by Eli Elixir. For the most part the whole creation manifesto is mainly in the left hands of these two Metal Warriors. Collaborations are from dimensions of another when these two magicians get together in the same room… Magick is awakened. The true unity becomes apparent once we start working in the drums and beats, filling out the whole composition of each song. Then while this is happening Virgil Impaler (rhythm guitar – Edouard) is working on solidifying the rhythms of each unique trax that comes too life. Once the lyrics are worked out and smooth on top of the muzik the whole formulation begins to come into play. There is truly a feeling from another dimension that comes too life in our muzik room: a Demon or Demons which are commuting through and unto our plane of existence here on the third dimension. At times there are energies and powers that begin to take form, circling around the walls of our rehearsal room. SATAN’S HOST is bigger than just any one man, it is of the whole where One Supreme Intelligence comes too life."

Patrick, as the only founding member still in activity within the SATAN’S HOST ranks, could you please fill us in with info about the earliest days of the band? How and when exactly SATAN’S HOST did form, and what were your musical influences back then? And by the way, how did you get in touch with Harry Conklin? Did you "steal" him from JAG PANZER? Was Harry at ease with your material in the first place, because it was quite a departure for the more melodic and less chaotic style of his former band?
"In the early years SATAN’S HOST arose from the deepest dark vibrations that arose from the fiery vibrations within my dark heart. It became very clear to me that not many warriors would have the strength to join me in my aspirations. So the only way possible for me to inscribe the muzik I had visions of creating was to enlist people who I could mould like clay. Back when I formed this entity it was the year 1979 I had met D. Stele. It took us around 5 years to meet Belial on bass. In all the years that had passed the foundation for "Metal From Hell" was forged. I had met Harry through a editor for a magazine called HEAVY METAL TIME, Andrew Banks. Harry and I had got together and wrote a few songs together yet he still was afraid to become the fulltime singer for SATAN’S HOST. So I found out about a showcase gig that JAG PANZER was doing for labels at a local club. After that show I asked Harry to come out to my car and listen to some songs I had written. He came along and it was at that moment I drove off with him in the car. I informed him that the demons were directing him to become the fulltime singer for SATAN’S HOST. After that he never looked back and we forged the foundations in which "Metal From Hell" began."

If I remember well, your first album (the legendary "Metal From Hell") was already a self-release. Did you receive offers from established labels back at the time? Were you aware right from the start of the originality of your music which was far more brutal than the current productions of the period in the Heavy Metal field? Were you in close contact with your fan base, and what kind of response did you get from the Metal maniacs in the United States and abroad?
"Metal From Hell" was released on a small label called Web Records. Back then we never knew how to shop for labels so we took whatever offer that came to the table. All I was concerned about at the time was to write the most intense Metal I could. I am a true warrior of Metal and have chosen to carry the torch for all the fans of extreme muzik all my life. I was always aware of I was conjuring forth. To me 99% of the muzik that was so called Metal was just a joke. Not many had really stepped forth and lit the torch that burned deep within my heart. I kept in close contact with the fans the best I knew how at the time. I have never been much of a speaker or a demon who would like to do interviews or talk with people I have always felt the muzik would speak for what I had to SAY!! The response from fans around the world has always been amazing. That is what has kept me driven in my writing. I have more fire and love now for the muzik than ever before. The fire burns just as deep now as when SATAN’S HOST first started. I owe everything to the warriors the fans the people like you who believe in SATAN’S HOST. You are the reason we exist!! It would have been real easy for most men to walk away and never keep this demon alive after all the unit has endured. But we know without SATAN’S HOST and other warriors who believe the flame of Metal would fade away. As long as we exist the flame shall always burn eternally 666."

Did you tour to support "Metal From Hell" on the road, and with which bands? What are the most noticeable anecdotes you would like to share with us about your musical life back then?
"We did tour for "Metal From Hell" in the States with VOIVOD, KREATOR, POSSESSED, DARK ANGEL and SLAYER. My life back then was all about delivering the message of Satan and all the demons much as it is now. The only difference between now and then is I have people around me who have the same beliefs as myself and I no longer have to carry the torch alone. For I have other warriors who stand by my side and give me there strength as do I to them. In all my life before this place of the now I have been the only true Metal warrior within the circle of SATAN’S HOST."

In the "Legacy" section of your web site, you mention you received death threats around the years 1985 – 1987. What are the origin and the reasons for such threats? Was the brutal death of your former drummer D. Lucifer Stele connected with that?
"Well in that time SATAN’S HOST had received a lot of press and the momentum had grown just about ever major magazine was taking notice of SATAN’S HOST. We had groups such as M.A.S.H (mothers against SATAN’S HOST), the PMRC even the FBI contacting us and letting us know in not so polite words to stop. Of course SATAN’S HOST would never succumb to such threats. There is no proof that D. Stele was murdered by any of these people making threats but one does have to wonder."

Could you please give us details about the 1988 – 1994 period, within which SATAN’S HOST was laying dormant? Eli, what role did you play in the SATAN’S HOST resurrection? How did you integrate the ranks of the band? Was it difficult to convince Patrick to go further with SATAN’S HOST?
"Yes, between the years of 1988 – 1994 there was a period of self seclusion, where the whole SATAN’S HOST Grotto was manifesting its Magick. In this time period of the group’s career the weak ones eventually fell or went off to do other projects or other things that one does in life. Leaving the Legacy too pursue a different path unto the Kingdom of Wisdom. It was not until 1994 when Elixir was recording a live album with another group at a local club, where he and Evil for the first time began directing their energies towards resurrecting the SATAN’HOST Legacy. The two had talked about the preparations for a few years prior via telephone, yet now after meeting in person again for nearly nine years the fire once again began to create a conflagration of Muzik. Truly this was the beginning of a new chapter in the SATAN’S HOST Legacy. Eli Elixir was the fire that ignited the muzik and got the satanic hordes into the group once again. He has devoted his life to this New Generation and is the one who gathered all the musicians in the past decade plus to get a full line-up prepared for the Legions in taking the muzik out live. He handles all the business and merchandising, he sets up the gigs, talks to the promoters, deals with the recording sessions and manages the group’s finances. He alone is the sole reason that SATAN’S HOST has evolved and matured from teenage punks of lies and excess, into Metal Warriors of Dedication and muzikal direction. Without his strength and will The Legacy would not have evolved into the new millennia and the hordes of hell would not have direction from the Muzik and Lyrical ideologies of Satan’s Host. Elixir integrated into the rakes when there was none at all in that period of time; he took the reigns and stepped forth into the future of what was happening among the Metal scene around the world. A Leader among men he set the ground work for the new projects and the conceptual ideas of each album that has been released since. There were times when Patrick Evil did have to look in the mirror and within his own will and ask himself if he had the inner strength and power to pursue in the future of the SATAN’S HOST Legacy. Even times when he would have to give himself a swift kick in the ass to remain focused on the project at hand, so as to give the Legions / Fans the very best that he has to offer them with his guitar playing abilities. Though all in all this is truly our destiny, SATAN’S HOST is more productive than ever right now, as we are about to enter into our twenty year anniversary… 2005."

Two SATAN’S HOST records, "In Articulo Mortis" and "Archidoxes Of Evil", saw the light of the day in 1999 and 2000 respectively. Yet they were apparently spread very scarcely, if not at all. In my case, if someone hadn’t mention to me in 2003 you were still in existence, I wouldn’t have never been aware of the fact. Were these two recordings meant to be promo stuff only? Again, I don’t understand the obscurity surrounding the new SATAN’S HOST, so thank you to explain the whole situation
"When we enter into a recording studio it is meant to last for eternity, see the songs as a reflection our immortality, not so much as an individual but as a collective whole… Legions / Fans. The "In Articulo Mortis" and "Archidoxes Of Evil" CDs as with the "Live Evil Lives, A 5th New Aeon" were distributed, yet on a underground basis, as some record stores out on the West Coast have these projects for sale to the public. We have re-released the "Archidoxes Of Evil" CD under our own label Black Magick, Inc. Check periodically for updates on our website, they will be online very soon for purchase. We are working very hard at re-releasing everything that we have ever done and in the future our fans shall have access to all of our bodies of work. We are a self financed group with limited resources, yet we do the best that we can with our limited means and remain true to the muzik and to what we represent. This would explain the limited quantity of our CDs and the limited distribution, now with the web page we are able to get our muzik to the fans who are truly into the muzik and are willing to spend the cash for the product. Perhaps this is the obscurity that you speak of, see we are a self made group with no financial help from anyone outside of this circle. We do what we do because of the Love of Metal Muzik and we will continue to do so for as long as we possibly can… Hail Metal From Hell… 666."

SATAN’S HOST has evolved from a brutal and chaotic form of Heavy Metal in the mid-80s to a very technical mix of Heavy / Death / Thrash Metal in the 90s and now. I guess you have kept yourselves aware of the evolution of the Metal scene. Do you think SATAN’S HOST played a role in the development of the extreme Metal scene especially in the US? What are the bands who impress you the most right now?
"Right on Eduardo, thanx for noticing how we have evolved throughout the decades. Yes, we do keep ourselves informed on what goes on in the Metal scene around the world as with its evolution with the times. We would like to believe that SATAN’S HOST played a role in the development of extreme Metal, not only in the Western regions of America but on a Worldly level. In the USA out on the West Coast we were one of the pioneering Satanic Metal acts who evolved from the early eighties. We did influence other Warriors of Metal with our Satanic Ideologies within the muzik and the extreme compositions. Even did a few shows with some of the bands that have managed to evolve and remain a performing and recording group in present times. Most impressive bands that we respect are groups like SLAYER, for the longevity and ability to keep producing great muzik. VITAL REMAINS, their new release is very pioneering in the scene right now, we had a chance to see them live summer of 2004 with G.Benton on vocals, spent some time talking to them about what’s going on with Metal. DEICIDE, for bringing the power into the muzik of Metal as with their lyrical concepts have always been influential and impressive. MAYHEM for being able to persevere through all the negativity that they have had to endure in order to survive, as with the ability to go in muzikal directions of a new and with their philosophical-lyrical content. These are some of the groups that truly are inherent in our being as Magicians of the SATAN’S HOST Grotto, they represent an inner strength and fire unto the realm of metal for us… Ave Lucifer… 999."

I have detected strong similarities between SATAN’S HOST and INFERNAL MAJESTY music wise. Both bands favour complex song structures and mix Death and Thrash Metal the same. I wonder if you actually know INFERNAL MAJESTY music, and what do think about it?
"Yes, we do know of their music and are big fans of what they brought unto the realm of Metal. Complexity of the song structuring was mainly a cerebral challenge for us inside the Muzik, so I can see of the similarities of which you are asking. Collectively, we were after something that we believe was lost in the whole of the Metal genre… Bringing back what once was lost into the present and into the future. We have complete respect for our fellow pioneering brothers of the Left Hand Path and truly enjoy their music and ideology of lyrics."

Patrick, it seems you use very special brands of guitars since the beginning of your career, judging from the pictures I saw of you on stage. Could you please give us details about your gear, and especially the strange "coffin" guitar you play on nowadays? I bet Tony Iommi is one of your main influences (just a deduction coming from your way of playing), am I right assuming that?
"I have always played on special guitars. My first real guitar I designed myself it was a upside down cross. And in the now I have been endorsed by Schecter guitars. They have made many guitars for me. The coffin guitar is a beast all in itself. That guitar is made from a real coffin. The story is Mike C. from Schecter bought the coffin from an old Jewish man who had been exhumed from the ground; he knew the wood had been aged perfectly for the guitar. No one except me wanted a guitar from the coffin’s wood. Schecter made me the coffin a 7 string guitar with the serial number 666 just as I wanted. My influences for guitar playing come from many different outlets. Tony Iommi was a influence; as was Jimmy Page and Michael Schenker. What inspired my visions of Metal the most was being original and forging new ground that others had never sought to tread. Back in the "Metal From Hell" years, I would tune the guitar up to F# why every one else were tuning there guitar down as low as they could go. Even now I play seven string guitars and do leads while most players today have this conception that leads are a waste of time and 7 string guitars are a fad. I love the great guitar players of old. They are the foundation from where Metal began. And that is why I play how I do. I want warriors of Metal to carry their guitars as a sword to slay all the weak who claim to be Metal. We shall not be denied Ave Satanas!!!!"

How come you adopted make up? Should we see that as an acknowledgement of the Black Metal bands with their war/corpse paints? By the way, what are your views about the Black Metal scene? Are you in contact with bands of this genre both domestically and abroad? What are the most impressive ones according to you?
"Well, for myself I have always worn the "WAR PAINT". It is a reflection of my inner DEMON, which is released when we perform the muzik Live. Perhaps in a way one could see it as an acknowledgement if you have never witness a SATAN’S HOST show Live. Yet if you were to hang around with us you would realize where and what we are, and how natural it is for us. Presently the Black Metal scene is very monstrous around the World and seems to keep gathering momentum which is great to see. Binding together as an oneness towards a single cause, War against all other types of music. Yes, we do have contact with a few metal brothers involved in groups and who no longer perform music, both domestically and internationally. Most impressive ones for me are groups like: ABIGOR, DARKTHRONE, MARDUK, JUDAS ISCARIOT, KATHARSIS, DISSECTION, BEHEMOTH, legendary BATHORY."

The SATAN’S HOST members are obviously deeply involved in Satanism. Do you take part in an organized church or cult, or do you practice your beliefs in a very private environment? Thank you to enlighten us with your philosophy of life and death.
"Correct, we are involved and Live the studies of the philosophies as with other forms of Theory and Practice in Magick. We are very private warriors of the left hand path and when we get together in our muzik chamber this is where ALL energies entwine amongst us of the SATAN’S HOST GROTTO. What we believe and apply is directed into the muzik and lyrics as with the whole of each album / CD concept."

To end this interview, thank you to reveal some of your future plans concerning SATAN’S HOST. Add also any comments you feel appropriate. Congratulations for the great music you offer!
"Well, we just signed with Sonic Wave International for the "Burning The Born Again" album which will be out in stores by spring 2005, available around the world. So be sure to help out Satan in getting this musical masterpiece of magick into your local record stores or place your order for the CD at www.sonicwaveintl.com. Thanx for this interview Edouard / VOICES FROM THE DARKSIDE and all that you have done for the Legacy of SATAN’S HOST we truly do appreciate it fellow Metal Brother of the Weapon mightier than the sword. Thanx unto the Legions of SATAN’S HOST, your loyalty is what keeps us moving forward into the future of Metal. www.satanshost.com. Ave Lucifer…999."

Edouard Vergriete

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