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August 05, 2020

Swedish Grindcore / D-Beat trio GRID has inked a deal with Selfmadegod Records. After several vinyl and cassette releases the band from Umea has just finished recording their debut full length “Livsleda”, which will be released on September 11, 2020 on CD and digitally. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Indiffrence’, ‘I Ruinerna Av Vår Ensamhet’, ‘Disinformation = Facts’, ‘Insatiable’, ‘Starving For Purpose’, ‘Livsleda’, ‘Exile’, ‘Ritual’ and ‘Doomed’. The album opener is already available for streaming at this location. More about GRID at www.facebook.com/gridgrindcore

Greek Black Metallers LUCIFER’S CHILD have made their entire Hellfest 2019 performance available for streaming. You can watch the pro-shot video at this location. The band commented: “Since we cannot be on the road, this is one of the few ways we can reach out to you. We cannot wait until we’ll be able to raise hell on stage again! Stay safe and strong.” More LUCIFER’S CHILD info you will find at www.facebook.com/luciferschildmusic

Australian Black / Death Metallers TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE are streaming their upcoming fourth album “Pillars Of Damnation” in its entirety over here now. It will be released on August 07, 2020 via Iron Bonehead Productions. For all further band information check out www.facebook.com/templenightsidenecromancy

Russian brutal Death Metallers OSSUARY ANEX have just released a lyric video for ‘Path To Golgotha’ at this location. The song will appear on their upcoming third album “Obscurantism Apogee”, which will be released on September 22, 2020 via Xtreem Music on CD format. The cover artwork has once again been created by Vladimir ‘Smerdulak’ Chebakov and the complete tracklist reads as follows: ‘Contempt Of God’, ‘Firestorm’, ‘Obscurantism Apogee’, ‘Revelation (Apocalypsis Ioannis)’, ‘Path To Golgotha’, ‘We Are The Antichrist’, ‘According To Their Deeds’, ‘The Beyond-Man’ and ‘The Great And Celestial Massacre’. You can follow OSSUARY ANEX at www.facebook.com/ossuaryanex

Costa Rica based Death Metallers ASTRIFEROUS are streaming their debut mini album “The Lower Levels Of Sentience” in its entirety over here now. It will be released on August 07, 2020 via Me Saco Un Ojo Ojo Records on 12″ vinyl format (the CD version will be released via Pulverised Records, while Desert Wastelands Productions will handle the tape version). More ASTRIFEROUS at https://astriferous.bandcamp.com

August 04, 2020

On October 06, 2020 Putrid Cult will release “Abysmal Invocation”, the debut full length from Poland’s DEATHEPOCH, on CD and cassette tape formats. The vinyl LP version will follow in December. The band consists of Lord K. (NEKKROFUKK, SACRIFICULUS, GOATHRONE, ex – HATE), who’s responsible for vocals, drums and electronic samples and Morgul (Putrid Cult label owner), who’s responsible for the guitar and bass parts. The album features guest vocals from Mark Of The Devil (CULTES DES GHOULES), Vincent Crowley (ACHERON) and Kris Stanley (SINISTROUS DIABOLUS, ex – DIOCLETIAN), as well as covers of SODOM and ACHERON. The complete “Abysmal Invocation” tracklist reads as follows: ”Abysmal Invocation Pt. I’, ‘Genocide I’, ‘Genocide II’, ‘Abysmal Ivocation Pt. II’, ‘Genocide III (featuring Mark Of The Devil)’, ‘Genocide IV’, ‘Genocide V’ (featuring Vincent Crowley), ‘Bombenhagel’ (SODOM cover, featuring Kris Stanley), ‘Abysmal Invocation Pt. III’ and ‘Ave Satanas’ (ACHERON cover). ‘Genocide III’ is already available for streaming here. For more info or odering information visit www.putridcult.pl or www.facebook.com/putridcult

Greek Black Metallers KATAVASIA have just premiered another new track from their upcoming second album “Magnus Venator”, which will be released on September 04, 2020 via Floga Records. You you stream ‘The Tyrant’ at this location now. The previously revealed ‘Chthonic Oracle’ is still available here. KATAVASIA features members of Greek Metal acts such as VARATHRON, HAIL SPIRIT NOIR, AENAON, MELAN SELAS and AGNES VEIN. More KATAVASIA info at www.facebook.com/katavasiaofficial

“Relatos De Angustia”, the new full length album from South American Black Metallers SELBST, is now streaming in its entirety at this location. It will be released via Debemur Morti Productions on August 07, 2020. For all additional band information check out www.facebook.com/selbstbm

French Black Metallers THROANE have just released a teaser video for their upcoming EP “Une Balle Dans Le Pied” over here. Debemur Morti Productions will release the EP in September. More about THROANE at www.facebook.com/throane

August 01, 2020

Meathook Productions has just released an approximately 35 minutes long BLOOD RED THRONE video entitled “Home Video Part 2” at this location. It shows the band on and off stage during the past years. The madness already began as part of the previously released BLOOD RED THRONE ‘Bloodity’ video, which can still be watched here. More about the Norwegian Death Metallers at www.facebook.com/bloodredthroneofficial

Danish Death Metallers HAD have just revealed a new track entitled ‘Skingrer De Døendes Pinefulde Skrig’ at this location. It will appear on the bands upcoming debut mini album, which will be released on September 01, 2020 via Me Saco Un Ojo Ojo Records on 12″ vinyl format (Dark Descent Records will be handling the CD version, while Extremely Rotten Productions will release the tape version). HAD features members of SULPHUROUS and DEIQUISITOR. All additional info you will find at www.mesacounojo.com or www.facebook.com/mesacounojo

American Black Metallers KHAR SULDE are now streaming their debut full length “The Black Banners Of Cosmic War” in its entirety exclusively here. It was released via Crown And Throne Ltd. on cassette tape format yesterday. More info you will find at www.facebook.com/crownandthroneltd

Dutch brutal Death Metallers DISAVOWED are streaming their new album “Revocation Of The Fallen” in its entirety at this location now. It has just been released via Brutal Mind. For more DISAVOWED info check out www.facebook.com/disavowedofficial

UNorthampton, Massachusetts based Vampiric Black Metallers UNHOLY VAMPYRIC SLAUGHTER SECT have just premiered the new track ‘Forced Genuflection On Adored Gored Knees’ right here. It is taken from the band’s third album “The World Trapped In Vampyric Sway (Darker And Darker)”, which is set for international release on August 21, 2020 via Crown And Throne Ltd. on cassette tape and digital formats (the vinyl LP version shall be released on September 04, 2020). For all further UNHOLY VAMPYRIC SLAUGHTER SECT info please visit www.facebook.com/unholyvampyricslaughtersect

July 31, 2020

Perth, Australia based Death Grinders SENSORY AMUSIA have just released an official video for ‘Death’. The song is taken from their forthcoming EP “Bereavement”, which features a guest appearance from THE AMENTA vocalist Cain Cressell. You can watch the video here. The EP will be released on August 20, 2020 via Lacerated Enemy Records. More SENSORY AMUSIA information you will find at www.facebook.com/sensoryamusia

“Only Ashes Remain”, the debut album from Turku, Finland based blackened Death Metallers SEPULCHRAL CURSE, is out as a cassette edition via Lycanthropic Chants now. It is limited to 100 hand numbered copies and all tapes include a free digial download code. A video for the song ‘Dead Stars Drawing Spirals’ is available at this location. For all further info check out www.facebook.com/sepulchralcursedm

July 30, 2020

On September 30, 2020 Amor Fati Productions will release the debut album from German Black Metal duo HÄXENZIJRKELL, “Die Nachtseite”, on CD and vinyl LP formats. It will feature the following three lengthy tracks: ‘Part 1: Auf Der Schwelle’, ‘Part 2: Unter Sieben Sternen’ and ‘Part 3: Im Labyrinth Der Dunkelheit’. A seven-minute excerpt of ‘Unter Sieben Sternen’ can be checked out here. All additional information you will find at www.facebook.com/haexenzijrkell

Nuclear War Now! Productions will release an offical demo collection from Norway’s AMPUTATION entitled “Slaughtered In The Arms Of God”. It is scheduled for a August 31, 2020 release on vinyl LP format and will feature the band’s two demos “Slaughtered In The Arms Of God” (1990) and “Achieve The Mutilation” (1989) plus an additional 1989 rehearsal. The band’s original recording line-up consisted of Harald Nævdal (aka Demonaz) on guitars and vocals, Truls Kvernhusvik (guitars), Padden (bass) and Jørn Inge Tunsberg (drums). Kvernhusvik left the band prior to the recording of the second demo. You can stream the entire collection here. For more information and ordering details please visit www.nwnprod.com or www.facebook.com/nwnprod

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions have signed New York / New Jersey based Death Metallers OXALATE. The band’s new EP “Infatuating Sickness” will be released on September 04, 2020 on CD and digital formats. It will feature the following tracks: ‘Unwholesome Revelation’, ‘Dark Ritual’, ‘Infatuating Sickness’ and ‘Blood And Sulphur’. You can already stream ‘Dark Ritual’ at this location. For all additional OXALATE info check out www.facebook.com/oxalateband

Melbourne, Australia based Death Metallers FACELESS BURIAL have just revealed a track from their upcoming Dark Descent / Me Saco Un Ojo Records album “Speciation”. You can check out ‘Irreparably Corpsed’ right here. The album will be out on August 07, 2020 on vinyl, CD, cassette and digital formats. It features the following tracks: ‘Worship’, ‘Limbic Infirmary’, ‘Irreparably Corpsed’, ‘Speciation’, ‘Spuming Catarrhal Gruel’ and ‘Ravished To The Unknown’. More about FACELESS BURIAL at www.facebook.com/facelessburial

July 29, 2020

“World In Ruins”, the second album from Greek Black Metallers ISOLERT, will be released via Nihilistische KlangKunst on November 11, 2020 on digipak CD and 12″ vinyl LP formats. The cover art was created by VisionBlack’s Nikos Stavridakis. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Fire, Ash, Blood’, ‘Burn Them’, ‘As We Die’, ‘Extinction’, ‘Staring At A Path Towards Nowhere’, ‘World in Ruins’ and ‘Light… Has Abandoned Us’. More about ISOLERT at www.facebook.com/isolert

Belarusian Black Metal duo DKHARMAKHAOZ is streaming their upcoming debut album “Proclamation Ov The Black Suns” in its entirety at this location now. It will be released on July 31, 2020 via Iron Bonehead Productions. For more info please visit www.facebook.com/ironboneheadproductions

On September 28, 2020 Signal Rex will release “Tulikehrät”, the debut album from Finnish Black Metal duo SAMMAS’ EQUINOX, on vinyl LP format. The following tracks will appear on it: ‘Fire’, ‘The Staunching’, ‘Northern Gate Of The Sun’, ‘Carved In Stone’, ‘Mustat Vedet’ and ‘High Seat Of The Pain Mountain’. ‘The Staunching’ can already be checked out here. The album mastering was done by MOONSORROW’s Henri Sorvali. More SAMMAS’ EQUINOX at https://sammasequinox.bandcamp.com

Brazilian Death Metallers REBAELLIUN have just released a lyric video for the song ‘Vile’ over here. The band had this to say about the track: “‘Vile’ talks about a very recurrent subject – the human selfishness and the false ideas people have about money and being better than others. The lyrics say a lot about what we see here in Brazil; more and more people with no sense of reality, who justify their twisted morality, but in truth are nothing more than hypocrites.” The new REBAELLIUN album will be released in autumn 2020 via Agonia Records. For regular updates follow them at www.facebook.com/rebaelliun

Austrian Death / Thrashers DEATHSTORM are now streaming their upcoming fourth album “For Dread Shall Reign” in its entirety right here. It will be released on July 31, 2020 via Dying Victims Productions. More about DEATHSTORM at www.facebook.com/deathstormthrash

Swedish / Italian Black Metallers TENEBRA have just premiered a video for ‘Tenebra’ at this location. The song is taken from their EP “Through Crying Souls I See What I Was…”, which will be released via Cult Of Parthenope on September 05, 2020 (it was originally released by Neapolis Niger as a limited cassette edition in 2007). The material was recorded, mixed and mastered at C.F. Studios by CLB and TENEBRA in May / June 2006, in Naples, Italy. The complete tracklist reads like this: ‘Intro’, ‘Tenebra’, ‘Phlaegrea’, ‘Eternal Rest’, ‘Dancing Souls’ and ‘Ode’. For all additional TENEBRA information check out www.facebook.com/tenebrablackmetal