Strengthening Of The Black Flame
(Iron, Blood And Death Corporation)

Slovakia is up to now not that well known as a land of Metal. Despite having a quite vivid underground scene, there are no bands that come to mind in an instant. The quartet AIN from Nitra might change that, at least for those who dig really good Black Metal of the Norwegian school. Started in 2017, the rather long 3-track EP “Strengthening Of The Black Flame” is the first release from AIN. Basically newer bands like MISOTHEIST or SALIGIA came to mind when I listened to the EP for the first time, but at the same time, the influence from DARKTHRONE and like-minded acts from their era can not to be overheard. The opener ‘King’ is a pretty good example for that. While the slower parts reminded me a lot of the newer school, the fast parts came along like early MAYHEM, spiced with some guitars inspired by DARKTHRONE. These guitar rides, spiced with galloping drums, also dominate the following ‘Sea’, interrupted by gloomy slower moments full of grim. The final ‘Serpent’ again shows the variability of AIN, making this slightly epic tune a worthy end to a very remarkable debut. In case you need more info, visit or

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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