Procession Of Death
(Death In Pieces Records)

When the first tones of this EP hit my ears, I was set 20 years back in time, to when everybody was playing generic melodic Swedish Death Metal, which is what these guys from El Salvador have based their music on, together with some more grooving parts here and there. This EP was released by the Mexican label Death In Pieces Records, and contains three songs and two live recordings from the Megarock Fest 2018. Since the recording and release of the EP, the band went through a tragic event, as singer Cesar Canales was shot dead on stage, while the band was playing a gig in Armenia, El Salvador. Though the rest of the band seems to be carrying the torch onwards! APES OF GOD is playing off the mill late nineties melodic Swedish Death Metal with some more modern groovy Metalcore elements mixed into the game, though they are doing it quite well. There are some good melodies, fine hooking grooves and good vocal work. Perhaps not the most exciting rhythm patterns, though they do their work, and pace the music forward. If you miss some of the good old times, “Procession Of Death” will might give you a little nostalgic kick, I know it did for me. Into glory ride: www.facebook.com/apesofgod, www.facebook.com/deathinpiecesrecs

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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