Adicción Que Nutre Las Entrañas De Una Negra Congregación
(Tape Reaper Records)
approx. 25min

Just listening to the very few first riffs and I know this was going to be something. I cannot stop listening to this little piece of evil Metal. Just killer total old school evil Deathrash / Black Metal with deadly guitar riffs that recalls the glory days of SLAYER, the blasphemy force of POSSESSED and the violent attack that recalls SEPULTURA. And this is a demo! It comes with glossy cover and a really great recording, maybe being a bit picky I would prefer a different drum sound. And yes, done in Spanish, and whilst I always think that this language is not exactly done for extreme Metal, these 4 Mexican warriors (coming from one of the most dangerous cities in the world for now), prove me wrong. Yes, their name in English is Infernal Artillery, and the demo translated means "Addiction that feeds the entrails of a black congregation" and most lyrics are about blasphemy, old magick and even recalls the force of Nahuales (old ancient evil spirits, half human / half beasts that were feared in ancient Mexican tribes). I cannot believe the damn riffs coming out of the speakers, this totally destroy most of the Black / Thrash bands in the NIFELHEIM, DESASTER, SABBAT camp, and I can even say that this band does show more anger and attitude in their riffs and songs that even those more well-known bands. This is what makes me proud of being a Metaller that is always looking for great bands in any place. And if this is just a demo, what will come next? This is a band that cannot recommend enough. One of the best recordings of the last years. Yes, like that, no matter this is a demo. Get it, keep an eye on them and be prepared for the Infernal Artillery to take you damn soul! All further info you may find at,

Julián “Artillero” Núñez

Julián "Artillero" Núñez

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