Here we have the sophomore album by Switzerland based Black / Doom 2-piece ASHTAR. This duo unleashes a dynamic mix of Black Metal and heavy dark Doom of epic proportions. The vocals are screamed and savage, crudely caustic and commanding in their delivery. The riffing goes from all out tremolo Black Metal style to monstrously heavy crushing glacial doomed passages, before bursting back into all out uptempo fast picked pummelling Black Metal, before they once again slow things back down to a crawl, with slow motion riffing, slowly unfurling and entwining around these compositions. The production is sharp, with each instrument cutting through the mix clearly, and the band utilises some violin to great atmospheric effect. There are looping riffs, mixed with guitar effects and the overall sound in parts is like a blackened NEUROSIS. The drumming has a tribal feel to it at times, which again brings to mind the aforementioned band. There are also parts that are musically reminiscent of the doomier side of “Monotheist” era CELTIC FROST and TRIPTYKON. “Kaikuja” takes you on a journey through various musical soundscapes, with many twists and turns and which shifts tempos a lot throughout whilst remaining a darkly atmospheric listening experience. I can imagine it would be a good audio accompaniment to a hike in the windswept Swiss wilderness with towering mountainous peaks looming high in the distance. If you want atmosphere in your music then ASHTAR offer it in abundance. More info at:,

Kat “Shevil” Gillham

Kat "Shevil" Gillham

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