BK 49

Soo… what do we have here? Aahhh… some old school Death/Thrash from East Frisia! I wouldn’t say I could have painted this cover, I’m much worse, but is this supposed to be naive art? Anyway, there is a zombie in the fore-ground with flow of saliva and outhanging guts. In one hand he holds his (?) heart, in the other a bone and in the background we have two exciting skeleton cheerleaders… funny indeed. What is served acoustically is some primitive, brutal stuff that should work very well on stage. Actually, I saw them live twice: the first time they blew it because obviously they were too nervous – but the other day it seemed like a different band playing! I had a good time. The songs on here are catchy, sometimes you may spot a little bit of SLAYER, BOLT THROWER or even NUNSLAUGHTER – but what counts at the end of the day is the fun you have with a CD and I do enjoy listening to this! The production could have been better: the vocals are a bit too much in the fore-ground or rather: the rest of the band is not loud enough. But there are records much worse than this, so what the heck! I’m curious about their next release because this one is already a bit dated (1999). Finally, there is a question remaining: should I order this one? Let’s use the band’s words: R u morbid? If so, I shall whole-heartedly recommend this piece of rage to you my dear dead friend… zombieboy@lycos.de

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

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