Miasmic Monstrosity
(Dunkelheit Produktionen)

Formed in Colombia in 2013, this is the second full length of this hellish trio of pure war, mayhem and evilness in a Black / Death Metal style that shares a lot with bands like VENOM, BLASPHEMY, DEICIDE, mid-era DARKTHRONE and IMPETIGO to name a few. Sometimes they are close to what people call War Metal, yet I am sure that is not what they want to do, as there is definitely an old school evil Thrash vibe in all. The production is very good for the style, they have a full guitar sound and everything seems to be loud and clear, yet manifesting a level of rawness required to sound not too polished but also not amateur. Vocal wise this is closer to a more Black Metal approach and for some reason I can also hear some overall similarities with ORDER FROM CHAOS although BLACK COMMUNION plays in a more brutal way. Also the band seems to sound a lot better while doing mid-tempo speed, as the heaviness and specially the riffs shine better, whereas when sometimes playing faster the chaotic side of things takes away some listening pleasure thus sounding at times a bit forced in the brutality level. Also it seems the band is not that much into doing some solo guitar stunts, and for a while it is not that bad. The final impression that leaves me is that the band is good, yet they could do more in the riffs as they have proven in the slower parts, and they can get a bit away from that brutal-and-evil for the sake of it sound that makes some War Metal bands sound without identity and dig more upon the dark Thrash roots in the POSSESSED or KREATOR style where wicked melodies are the key. Fans of brutal Black / Death Metal will definitely find something here.,

Julián “…Of Doom And Necromancy” Núñez

Julián "...Of Doom And Necromancy" Núñez

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