(Misanthropic Records)

This is a split 7" so we have just one song by each band. And even though they are both Black Metal bands from Brazil, they noticeably differ in style. DENIED REDEMPTION play a deeply symphonic Black Metal full of keyboards and effects and occasional sung backing vocals that contrast with the typical Black Metal rasp. The obvious comparisons here will be later CRADLE OF FILTH and DIMMU BORGIR, more so than EMPEROR. ‘Espirais Do Caminho Da Serpente’ is sung in Portuguese (the song title meaning ‘Spirals Of The Serpent’s Path’), although it makes little difference because you can hardly make out the words, except in the middle where we have an atmospheric piece backing a prayer uttered to the Serpent (they seem to be much inspired by Crowley and such occult mysticism), before returning to the often keyboard dominated music. VULTOS VOCÍFEROS is an altogether different matter. They play fast-paced Black Metal in the Scandinavian way, reminding me at times of early SATYRICON and the like. Relatively simple and straightforward guitar riffs together with fast, aggressive drumming, a very much present bass doing good lines, and well-done vocals all merge into a fine Black Metal song about a ritual for Satan. A strong 7" EP that may be seen as an appetizer in case you are wanting to deepen your knowledge of present-day brazilian Black Metal. To know more, go to,,

Ricardo Campos

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