Ceremonies Of Blasphemy
(Lord Of The Flies Records)

2 songs, originally recorded way back in 1991 for an EP that was doomed to be in the twilight zone until this day. DETERIOROT was formed in the USA in 1990 in the area of North Carolina, and are related to bands playing brutal evil and morbid Death Metal like early INCANTATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, GRAVE and CARCASS. And that is exactly what we will find here. Two low downtuned pieces of primitive Death Metal similar in sound to those aforementioned bands with some monstrous deep growls that are almost inhuman. It was until the last year that the band decided to exhume both songs, give them some additional studio work and release them on a 7" EP as it was supposed to be in the first place. The band has two full lengths released up to this point (and a compilation of EP, demo and live tracks – Frank), with a lot better production and execution, and they do sound more like an unholy mixture of AUTOPSY / INCANTATION on those albums. As it is today, it is obvious the recording shows some age, back in the day it was primitive, and that stands still today. There are many bands doing it way better, but as something to complete the collection of this competent obscure Death Metal band with, it is like an archaeologist discovery. And check out those two albums!,

Julián “Vile” Núñez

Julián "Vile" Núñez

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