Human Cattle

As the flow of new releases continues this time it is upon DISOWNING to prove whether we have a superfluous output or a sustainable debut. A clear advantage is the cover, drawn by the well known Rémy C. of Headsplit Design (amongst others KREATOR, CRYPTOPSY, LOCK UP, SIX FEET UNDER). By watching this visual realization of the title my Death Metal senses tickled. And already the first minutes convinced me that "Human Cattle" is more than a solid album. Although the opening track ‘Ghost Area’ develops slow it offers a foretaste for the next songs. Brutal guttural vocals, a very dominant guitar work without bass guitar and drums getting lost. During every song the tempo is speeded up but it never tips over to blast beat frenzy all the time. Instead the the band takes the foot of the accelerator pedal and leaves room for the guitar and vocals. Generally spoken the songwriting is clear structured and although DISOWNING are burning down a firework of Death Metal riffs it never gets frantic or chaotic. Like CRYPTOPSY or HATE ETERNAL on valium. Sounds like mockery, but DISOWNING are avoiding the monotonous double bass high-speed of KRISIUN and the chaotic drive of DYING FETUS. Instead the quintet from France and Canada smuggles some AUTOPSY and BOLT THROWER influences in their music. Sounds pretty fine for my ears and even if someone dislikes the music one must at least admit that DISOWNING definitely found a niche by combing nowadays brutal Death Metal with the pounding impact of nineties Death Metal. A very strong and self-sufficient album and do not hesitate to get more information by visiting www.facebook.com/disowning or www.xenokorp.com

Mirco Szymyslik

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