Deus Siva Natura
(Folter Records)

EVOHÉ from France are already active in the underground since 2001 and nearly two decades later and after some line-up changes they release their third output "Deus Siva Natura" via Folter Records. With the opener ‘Diffenrent Worlds’ the band presents themselves with some Pagan Black Metal tunes with grim but well-balanced caws, midtempo guitars and fine technical drumming. The guitars are quite melodic but also pretty sharp and spread some good 90s feelings as their sound is too black painted to call it melodic. But the guitars are quite melodic anyway in here and the clear male choral vocals go more into the Pagan Black Metal direction. ‘Nemesis (Hall Of The Slain)’ continues the Pagan direction even though the guitars are more grim here and the caws get varied again with male chorals. Their overall sound is pretty much influenced by the Norwegian Black Metal school and somehow ENSLAVED often comes into my mind as they often slow down the tempo in favour of some pretty good guitar tunes. Indeed the French guys managed to write nine good songs here with a damn good production and some really nice ideas in each song. But somehow I miss the next step a bit. All songs are on a good level, but none of them is really outstanding, even though better than just average. Maybe I am a bit too critical, but somehow I miss the last step which I think the band is definitely able to go as their musical skills and ideas are definitely there. But the songs need some more memorable moments and a red line to keep them in mind. Anyway this is complaining on a high level as they definitely wrote a good album and rounded it off by a really good artwork. Pagan Black Metal fans should really check this output out. For more info, please check one of the following sites: www.facebook.com/evohe.metal, www.facebook.com/folter-records-167406606752748

Michael Kujawska

Michael Kujawska

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