A Culinary Cacophony
(Memento Mori)

New brutality from Austalia has arrived upon these shores! HORRISONOUS was formed in 2016, more or less out of the ashes of the rather hardhitting Death Metal punishers BACKYARD MORTUARY, I reckon, as the two bands share a good deal of members at least. HORRISONOUS do already have 2 demos and now, this full length album out in the open, on Spanish Memento Mori. We are getting a heavy dose of grinding and churning Death Metal, with some good grooves kicking in beneath the quite massive and raw production. The album is quite guitar driven, heavy and intense riffing pushes the tunes forward, with the sick vocals working just beneath buzzsaw riffing and grinding drumming. Modern Death Metal blended beautifully with old school deeds and brutality. It is quite easy to get hooked on this album, as there are some quite hooking guitar riffs and headbang’able moments. This is quite a debut for these Australians, massive brutality in a raw, though neat package, if one is into such shenanigans as this of course. A gory slab of heavy guitars and bass, smashing drumming and sick sick vocals, a stray to Black Metal here and there, old school technical US Death Metal and some doomy and grinding old school Death Metal, the perfect party mix! Enter the cryptic realms: www.facebook.com/horrisonous, www.memento-mori.es

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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