(Left Hand Sounds)

I’ve stumbled over quite a good deal of bands this year, one of these bands is Polish IN TWILIGHT’S EMBRACE, which is ready with their 5th full length album "Lawa" as we speak, a journey into a vortex of dark melodic Death / Black Metal. It is not like the band is set out to re-invent fire or anything, they are deeply rooted in the Scandinavian Death / Black Metal scene from the mid-nineties and some years forward, with a tad more obscure and darker eerie Easter European touches, which is quite natural I guess. We are getting a dark atmosphere set up by well-crafted melodies, mid-paced doomsday rhythmpatters that are laying a rock solid bottom for the guitars, and the dark vocals, which are varied quite well throughout the album. There is an ritualistic ambience over most of the music, and it works quite well in this setting, where I often find such tries to become boring too fast, that doesn’t happen with "Lawa". Great hooking melodies buried within a schizophrenic universe of darkness, mysticism and evil. This is a great album that I’ll be enjoying for a good while, this is drawing me into a darker and more suiting place for the autumn and soon to be, winter weather! Become buried by time and dust:,

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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