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Daniel Silva (guitars and vocals) started INCARCERATION in 2010. He recorded all instruments and vocals in their first material, a split released in 2012 with the Brazilian band ESCARNIUM. After moving from Brazil to Hamburg, Germany, Daniel was joined by Björn Freese and, as a duo, they put out an EP in 2012 entitled "Sacrifice". By 2013, Michael Koch joined in as the drummer and in 2016 they released "Catharsis", their debut album via Misanthropic Records (Brazil) and F.D.A. Records (Germany). Björn would leave the band in 2017, so nowadays, INCARCERATION remains a duo composed by Daniel and Michael. Now, production wise, "Catharsis" sounds undeniably modern. But that does not detract from the listening experience. Overall it is a good production. The guitar sound is massive and the vocals are really good. Maybe the bass guitar could’ve had a more prominent place in the mix. And I would’ve dig a more natural drum sound. But the feel and the vibe (so to speak) are so present that eventually everything just fits into place. It’s clear and punchy, yet the recording has a nasty, raw feel to it. This album is firmly rooted in late 80s South American Death Metal. Notably, for its fast and relentless pace. It seems INCARCERATION is set for one thing and one thing only: destroy the listener’s brain using 2-3 minute songs that attack you from every flank. The manic riffing, the pounding rhythm section and those mid range growls converge in a variety of extreme outbursts covering mostly intense Thrash Metal – esque speed, some blast beats and seldomly, slow parts so you can take a breath from the constant hammering. There are undeniable influences from the early works of other Brazilian bands such as SEPULTURA, WITCHHAMMER and CHAKAL, but INCARCERATION manages to throw in their own style and twist through 29 fierce minutes. They are not re-inventing the genre, but "Catharsis" stands out as a solid, fast paced, in your face Death Metal album. This one is a must have for any Death Metal fans, new and old alike. Contact the band here: And get their album from the label here:

Alfonso Perez

(F.D.A. Records)

Originally born in Manaus, Brazil, by the mind of Daniel Silva (guitar and vocals), INCARCERATION moved to Hamburg, Germany, and joined forces with Björn Freese (bass) and Michael Kock (drums). Thus, they infected the Death Metal underground with their EP "Sacrifice", released in 2013 in all the possible formats by F.D.A. Records and Dawnbreed Records. Those three songs got a positive feedback almost everywhere, so the wait for a following and longer work was huge. I can just say it now, "Catharsis" will not disappoint at all and was worth the wait! They didn’t change the style that marked out their previous stuff, so it’s still thrashy old school Death Metal with no compromises. The simple notes of ‘The Beckoning’ introduce the opening track ‘Evoking The Possession’: just 1:45 minutes with a main killer riff that you’ll hardly keep out of your head. Similarly, with ‘Devouring Darkness’ and ‘Infernal Suffering’ INCARCERATION show us how to write solid songs without any chord progression but just with a few changes of drum patterns. ‘Chaos and Blasphemy’ has a kind of BOLT THROWER start, maybe too long, but it suddenly returns to the fast beat with extreme aggression until the end. The acoustic interlude ‘Purification’ is placed here as a temporary cease-fire, so ‘Obsessed By Death’ brings again the violence with the coolest riff of the album in the middle of the song, and it’s time to headbang! ‘Neverending Agony’ starts with a great double bass drum pattern, then there is the usual verse / chorus structure before a concluding mid-paced part. There is time for another short acoustic guitar composition, ‘Resignation’, before the longest track of the album: ‘Into The Blackest Void’ begins and slow increases their own intensity; when Daniel Silva starts to sing, a sequence of fast and slow riffs come in succession but the second half of the song is actually a fading funereal end. Well, INCARCERATION can be satisfied of this work, it’s a good first full-length. The short length can be justified by the bare and raw kind of Death Metal which this Brazilian / German trio play so proudly. The production is also very good, all the instruments are well mixed and guitars sound heavy as fuck! Daniel Silva’s voice is maybe the most distinctive element of this band, it’s not a classic growl or scream, but it’s fuckin’ visceral and intense anyway! These guys quote NIHILIST, REPUGNANT, REPULSION, SADISTIC INTENT, SLAYER and SEPULTURA as influences, I would add also MERCILESS and SADUS (INCARCERATION are less technical of course), but they manage very well the genre with total attitude and "Catharsis" is the proof. So come on, and follow their facebook page at: Their fantastic label F.D.A. Records can be supported here:

David Lucido

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