Metal Da Morte
(Misanthropic Records)

The Death Metal outfit INFECTOR from Brazil is back with their third album. What irritated me are two cover versions of BATHORY (‘Countess Bathory’) and MOTÖRHEAD (‘Iron Fist’). One would have been enough in my eyes. The opener ‘Apito Final’ starts pretty slow and it takes some minutes to keep things rolling, but once the beast is unleashed the listener is pleased with well played Death Metal. Some kind of mixture of BOLT THROWER and UNLEASHED. Not too technical, not too clumsy. Of course it would be spiteful if the verdict is that the music does not harm someone but also is lacking of greater moments. Compared to top-quality Death Metal bands "Metal Da Morte" may seem mediocre and average. But this view is too harsh in my eyes. It is solid Death Metal and naturally not every release can reinvent the wheel or revive the atmosphere of days gone by. The song ‘Coração De Metal’ surprises with clean vocals and melodic riffing, creating a slightly epic atmosphere. All in all a good and proper release which satisfies the ears of every Death Metal fan. More information can be found here and here

Mirco Szymyslik

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