Spiritually Uncontrolled Art
(Vic Records)

LIERS IN WAIT sit on the hinges of immortality and obscurity. Having an already established pathway to the dark art of the Swedish sound, the band delivers the best possible outcome in their transitionary phase between two legendary projects. “Spiritually Uncontrolled Art” leans heavily towards a traditional Florida Death Metal sound. The highlight of this EP is the drummer Hans Nilsson who has infused a new breath into the adopted Sunlight route of Metal. The band takes an absolute traditional approach to Death Metal, razor sharp riffs that cut through the atmosphere with the drumming adding to the variety of the vision. The standout track on the EP is ‘Maleficent Dreamvoid’ which showcases the band at its best. It’s more or less a very GROTESQUE approach to Death Metal descending into DIABOLIQUE! There are no traditional riffs on this release, there’s an aural assault of lightning quick fretwork mixed with brilliant shifts in tempos in places that puts all the itching to rest. The number of ideas the musicians pack into this EP are far higher than your average Swedish release. To simply put it, it’s chaos to a point of brilliance! An added bonus on this edition is the SLAYER cover. This EP does leave you wanting for more. The release is propelled further by fantastic production with all the instruments given their rightful due, it’s easy for any Metal fan to appreciate this gem. The question remains if this is the best that 1992 could offer? Perhaps not. However, it does not take away the impact this EP has had on the Metal scene at large. Get a copy! For more info please check:

Vamsi Kanagovi

Vamsi Kanagovi

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