A Treacherous Ascension
(Grau Records)

This is heavy stuff which is served by Longing for Dawn from Canada. Only 4 songs but with a total length of 48 minutes. After 3 minutes of the first song the first riff starts. This is slow, really slow and really deep and massive. The band builds minatory sound walls with ultra deep grievous growls, guitar riffs crawl tenaciously out of the stereo and marching drums. This sound tries to touch your deepest senses and puts you down to the ground. The lyrics are as depressed as the whole music. The Canadians take you on a melancholy, soul destroying and depressive trip. This is no stuff for sweet-tempered people. For fanatics of funeral Doom this is a must have. For all others it can be worth to engage oneself on this journey. But note if it is too hard, you are too soft. www.longingfordawn.ca.

Stefan Hagmayer

Stefan Hagmayer

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