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Last year NAGLFAR returned to the scene after a long break of seven years and played a live tour which showed them in a pretty good and tight shape as I was lucky enough to finally see them live after all the years of worshipping them. So, no wonder that they finally return with full-length number seven. The opener and title track ‘Cerecloth’ delivers all what NAGLFAR stands for. Fast drumming, precise blistering riffs and the well known vocals changing between caws and screams but very well-balanced finally. The track delivers no surprises but fans of NAGLFAR won’t be disappointed at all. ‘Horns’ continues this way and also could easily have fitted on their second opus “Diabolical” as it has the same vibe and groove without lacking of frosty melodies which Marcus E. Norman and Andreas Nilsson are well-known for. Especially the Heavy Metal styled solo is damn good and really enjoyable. ‘Like Poison For The Soul’ starts with a more melodic approach and brings some fresh air into their own style and again the freezing melodies are well-dozed and the good-balanced vocals work well together. ‘Vortex Of Negativity’ even goes further back in time and combines some vibes of “Vittra” with “Diabolical” and also has some DISSECTION vibes in it as the vocals of Kris sound similar to what Jon did back in the days. ‘The Dagger In Creation’ is another good and evil example that NAGLFAR designed this specific sound and still are a force to count on within this style. Sure there are no changes worth mentioning in their sound and no surprises, but honestly who wants that? Listen to the killer riffs, solos and melodies (‘Necronaut’!!) and you get all what you are longing for. Rounded off by a powerful and clear production and a very good cover done by mighty Necrolord this album is a good comeback and can only be beaten by UNANIMATED this year. For more info check one of the following sources or simply order your personal copy:,

Michael Kujawska

Michael Kujawska

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