Of Hell
(Vic Records)

NAPHOBIA exists for a singular purpose and that’s to have an absolute blast. This Florida band crosses no bridges in songwriting approach or with the overall sound that the band has adopted. They’ve simply taken the average Florida sound and added to it a further sense of horror. There’s nothing incoherent here, no deviations from the median, it’s just an utterly enjoyable slab of Death Metal. This is the sound you’d absolutely go mental to in a live setting and wouldn’t mind it in your living room from time to time. There are killer riff progressions supported by a wall of the rhythm attack. The leads are clearly a homage to Trey Azagthoth’s chaos, they capture his spirit well. On the whole the band doesn’t stray much from the roots of the genre. It’s important to know this full length came out in 1995 by which time the monoliths of the genre had the blueprint done to death. Considering that, NAPHOBIA have definitely put out a quality release. NAPHOBIA is a prime example of phenomenal execution. Shout out to the rhythm section that really held the band together and carried the momentum of this release. Even in songs like ‘Of Hell’ where the band takes a back step the rhythm section plays a fantastic part. Of course this review isn’t complete without the mention of Gene Hoglan and Chuck Schuldiner’s guest appearances on the album. Of the both, I personally like Gene’s contribution. He literally came by, played and conquered. Perhaps this is a good example of guest appearances raising the entire level of the band. With utterly enjoyable tight riffs and on the spot drumming on the whole, this is an immersive slab from start to finish. The band’s 1993 demo “Cultivated Innards” is included as the bonus tracks on this CD. The band is much more aggressive and goes all guns blazing here. This is a good inclusion on this CD, it clearly showcases the band at two different times with different motivations. I’ve enjoyed this better honestly. The band is at their crazy best here. No surprises with the rhythm section here, it’s the leads that just rip through. Recommended! For more information please visit

Vamsi Kanagovi

Vamsi Kanagovi

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