Only Death Prevails
(Crionics Records)

With OPEN THE COFFIN, we have a really new band, or better project, from Brazil. Yet, despite the name is new, the guy behind it, the sole member, is very experienced and a veteran of the Brazilian scene. Cláudio "Slayer" Nascimento spent nearly 30 years of his life playing in underground extreme Metal bands. Now he started a solo project all by himself, playing any instrument except for the drums. After a digital single of the eponymous song, OPEN THE COFFIN now has an EP out, both digital and physical. Baptized “Only Death Prevails”, these 21 minutes should be a real pleasure for anyone out there into old fashioned Death Metal. From the opening single track ‘Open The Coffin’, the riffing and guitar sound really reminds me of UNLEASHED, embedded in classic structures that are basically European. Sometimes MORGOTH or SINISTER shine through, in other moments I felt reminded of those more raw US Death bands from the beginning. “Raw”, by the way, is a universal key word for OPEN THE COFFIN, the whole EP sounds completely unfitting for a CD release and screams vinyl to me. But let me return to the songs on “Only Death Prevails”. Besides from the fine ‘Baptized In A Grave’ and ‘The Cemetery Void’, the final ‘Dead Procreation’ needs an extra mention, since I really like the quite rotten slow parts here that gives a certain extra relief from the fast parts. So, even though OPEN THE COFFIN might not be the new sensation in extreme Metal, their first effort is definitely worth listening to. You can check them out at or, and visit their newly started label at:

Thomas Meyer

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