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Here it is folks, the latest from grandeur Metal masters hailing from Sweden – OPETH!! Many have called them the most talented band, the most creative band and etc. Throw all that out the window cause what we got here is a band that just DOES it and knows that they are good. 8 tracks clocking in at well over an hour. If you are new to this band and are looking for a comparison well here: EDGE OF SANITY meets TYPE O NEGATIVE, meets Gothenburg Death Metal. But it’s not really fair to make comparisons because OPETH are far better than those mentioned. Mikael Akerfeldt (vocals / guitars) has one of thee best growls accompanied by the best clean voice. Songs are 10 minutes in average length. For those of you who know this band already then this album is much more like "My Arms, Your Hearse" with a little "Still Life" thrown in for good measure. At any time OPETH will be playing all out death and then all of a sudded an somber, sweet acoustic passage will crash in. Who is the only band that can make such epics work? OPETH. In the song ‘Bleak’ there is a perfect example. Read my lips: Nobody has come close to putting out such consistently perfect album in such a short period of time like OPETH.

Dimitri Ganatsios

Dimitri Ganatsios

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