Profound Evil Presence
(High Roller Records)

POWER FROM HELL are back with their sixth full length album, entitled "Profound Evil Presence" and released by the German label High Roller Records. These guys from São Paulo are a pretty interesting case in the underground, because they’re a good example of an enjoyable band that is able to keep the spirit of the golden age of ’80s Heavy Metal alive. Well, we can’t take anything for granted in the scene nowadays, since we’re literally invaded by hundreds of mediocre and uninspired clones of the big names from the past, but luckily there are a few exceptions. POWER FROM HELL don’t invent anything new and don’t even hide their clear intent to pay tribute to the old school spirit, but they do it in the right way and that’s enough for me. Here we have a very competent, prolific and coherent band that plays evil and raw Black / Speed Metal. Are they the Brazilian answer to MIDNIGHT? No, not really, because this band from Guarulhos is cruder, sicker and much more primitive than its counterpart from Cleveland. "Profound Evil Presence" contains 11 songs for almost 43 minutes of filthy and dark Black Metal in the vein of the first hour tradition. The sound is totally inspired by BATHORY’s debut album, "Welcome To Hell" by VENOM, SLAYER’s "Show No Mercy", as well as very early SODOM à la "In The Sign Of Evil" and "Obsessed By Cruelty". The recipe is simple, but very effective: dirty and sinister vocals, a minimalist and brutal drumming, a razor sharp guitar sound and – like you need to even say that – Satan as if there’s no tomorrow. The production is raw, obscure and it fits perfectly with the satanic imagery of the band. In conclusion, if you’re looking for something modern, complex, innovative and overproduced, stay away from this album! Otherwise, if you’re into old school stuff in the vein of the above mentioned bands, get it! You won’t be disappointed. More info at: www.facebook.com/officialpowerfromhell, www.hrrecords.de

Rick Peart

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