Slurking, Reeking, Leeching
(Chickenshit / Goatlordth Records)

With the Malaysian three piece REPUTDEATH, we have a kind of underground heroes of the old fashioned kind. “Slurking, Reeking, Leeching” is their eighth release, all of them demos or live recordings, mostly on tape. Due to this and the band’s origin, I never heard of them before. Of course I really did expect nothing modern or new school here. And I am glad to say I was damn right! From the first note, this demo is pure AUTOPSY worship. What might sound boring to some will be heaven for others. Since I am the latter kind of guy, I really enjoyed songs like the opener ‘Soaked With Leech’ or the final ‘Swallowed By Grave’, since they breathe the same rotten and slimy spirit as “Mental Funeral” or “Acts Of The Unspeakable”. The guitars sound like the legendary duo Cutler / Coralles, even though REPUTDEATH only have one guitar player named Mikail. And the overall sound of “Slurking, Reeking, Leeching” is so raw and brutal without being poorly produced, it’s pure indulgence. To sum it up, all lovers of festering Death Metal with a lethal dose of gory Doom should check out REPUTDEATH. “Slurking, Reeking, Leeching” will be released on a limited run of tape cassettes by Chickenshit Records and a CD version will released under Goatlordth Records. Sadly there’s no vinyl edition announced yet. Be sure to visit the band at or their label at

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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