A Deeper Shade Of Sorrow
(Godz Ov War Productions)

With only a prior EP to their name (and a good EP at that), Kentucky’s ROTTING KINGDOM have released their first full-length entitled “A Deeper Shade Of Sorrow”. In a world that’s quickly being populated by Death / Doom bands, you’ve gotta make sure you stand on your own. And ROTTING KINGDOM does just that. Anton Escobar (vocals), Kyle Keener and Clay Rice (guitars), Chuck McIntyre (bass) and Brandon Glancey are a fine-tuned band. Getting in and out with 38 minutes, the album provides a nice array of sounds while remaining consistent throughout. The first track ‘Sculpted Into Life By The Hand Of Death’ (great song title by the way) starts off slow before breaking into a steady, heavy rhythm introduced by an ear-piercing scream. The riffs change as often as we change our minds. And that’s good as each track never gets old. ‘Barren Harvest’ begins with a squelch (is that a word?) that sounds like one thousand larvae ripping in half from the beak of a starving vulture. The song sways and slithers, encompassing an extremely satisfying, hypnotizing aural expanse. ‘Decrepit Elegance’ is a brief soundscape before ‘Absolute Ruin’ demolishes everything in its path in a horrendous frenzy. ROTTING KINGDOM really show their strength on this track. ‘The Antechambers Of Eternity’ is more doomy than the previous Death Metal track with its gurgling vocals and almost stomping guitars / drums collaboration. The final track ‘A Deeper Shade Of Sorrow’ takes about a minute before it jettisons off into a missile-like path which ends the album with a solid Metal masterpiece. Give these guys a listen (both their EP and album). If you need a breath of fresh air while getting your genitals pounded to a bloody pulp, this one’s for you. Yes, I know, that may not have sounded appetizing. But you get the idea. For more info, check out,

David Simonton

David Simonton

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