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A new French Black Metal entity has seen the light of day! SATURNUS TERRORISM is consisting of Dies of EINSICHT and MALEVOLENTA fame and Païard L.F. who formerly was behind GRISÂTRE, so the men behind the band are quite experienced in the game of atmospheric and dark BLACK METAL. Old school disharmonic Black Metal with great blazingly guitar melodies, noisy eerie elements, a hellish low scream and everchanging rhythm patterns is what drives this album forward. The band is emminent in building up dark and drawing atmospheres, it is hard not to be caught in the black vortex that "Pamphlet" creates, and the subtle use of keys do really good and add a lot to the overall expression of the band. When things are reaching its epitome, it feels like a violent blend of old EMPEROR and ZYKLON B, and that is a mix that is hard to complain about! There are a lot of newer bands in the atmospheric Black Metal scene doing quite good these days, and SATURNUS TERRORISM is up among the top with their debut album, an evil pleasure to listen to, an album that succumbs your attention and never really lets you go again. I am looking forward to follow this duo into the dark past that will become the future. Seek out darkness in the twillight of the war:,

Anders Peter Jørgensen

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