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The third album of this melodic Death Metal band from Mexico, formed way back in 1996! What keeps a band going on for all those years? Passion. This album is without a doubt their most mature one. The sound of the band is firmly rooted in the Swedish school, and alas it is also forged in the fires of primordial Heavy Metal. Although references to DAR TRANQUILLITY, AT THE GATES and EDGE OF SANITY are right, the band has their own way of crafting those melodic yet aggressive riffs. I can also hear a good W.A.S.P. influence and that only can be a good thing. A mention must be done to the fantastic guitar sound they created here, everything sounds incredible, but the guitar sound is so fat and crunchy and heavy, yet clear enough to make out every single riff. If maybe for my taste the vocals could be different a little bit (and to be honest I would drop the clean ones as they sound too much modern for my primal metal tastes, only Dan Swäno can do clear and brutal vocals and came out reigning in hell). The band is able to come up with some killer riffs and even some nods to DISMEMBER as can be heard in the song ‘Descending Into Flesh’. Yet I also must mention that the band is more in the IN FLAMES sound so those looking for a more evil and brutal sound, might not get what they are looking for. But those looking for a very skilled band within the melodic Death Metal sound, this is right for you.,

Julián “Theogony” Núñez

Julián "Theogony" Núñez

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