The Anatomy Of Unholy Transformation
(20 Buck Spin)

A mortal winged entity cuts through clouds of skeletons and thick smoke to lead us into SUPERSTITION’s realms of morbidity. The band’s first full-length engraving stands as yet another affirmation of evil amidst 20 Buck Spin’s huge catalogue, with a cross-turning approach creeping in from the album’s very start. With three different atmospheric horror synth intros (namely, ‘Unholy Transformation’ Pt. I, II and III), I can instantly smell the stench of records like ACHERON’s "Rites Of The Black Mass" and even a little something from NECROMANTIA’s "Crossing The Fiery Path", and that’s definitely a good point in my book. Rhythm wise, SUPERSTITION have decided to keep it all semi-fast but steady. Blast beats are played the ancient way as K.M. (who also plays in ASH BORER and Black Doom act PREDATORY LIGHT) and L.S.’s lay down their tremolo-filled riffage with skillful ease. The pack seems to favor chromatic melodic lines more than big sounding palm-mute chords, a choice that adds to the overall clearness of their production, arrangement and playing. This is meat for REVENANT, MERCILESS or "Abominations Of Desolation" era MORBID ANGEL fans to devour. Try to catch these Santa Fe, New Mexico grave robbers live at this year’s edition of the Kill Town Death Fest or keep an eye out on their Charnel Pleasures, either through or their Bandcamp site. Label contact:

Giorgio Trombino

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