Here comes my second apology for today going out to Dutch Death Metal bastards THE LUCIFER PRINCIPLE. Aeons ago I received their second demo and now – finally – I fulfill my long due duty. Just like its predecessor, “Flamethrower” shows that groovy Death Metal doesn’t have to get boring as there are still enough possibilities for varying one’s songs. ‘The Violence’ offers the perfect groove while ‘Down’ comes up with an excellent solo (don’t you agree Metal needs good solos?). ‘Breaking The Spell’ is a pretty catchy straight forward headbanger whereas ‘Adrenalin’ is probably gonna make me ‘dance’ – right, Earik? Cool changes of the groove, by the way. And solos! Definitely a great live song. Up to ‘Possessed By Christ’ I’d never noticed THE LUCIFER PRINCIPLE use a real contrabass. Very dominant on here. Catchy ‘chorus’. Finally, ‘Burn!’ will make it hard for cool people not to jump like a Humppa Metal fan. But there’s always the option of banging your head or raising your fist instead. Loads of energy and a bassy middle part. Burn! Burn! Burn! Speed freaks keep away, though. Catch THE LUCIFER PRINCIPLE live at the Fuck The Commerce Festival 2006 in Germany!

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

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